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Have you been looking to get something more from your healing? Or perhaps you haven’t started healing yet, but know deep down you’re a natural healer. If so, then Pellowah healing is for you.

Pellowah is easy to learn, simple to use & can be used to great effect immediately after a course, anyone can participate in the workshops. Pellowah isn’t just for therapists who would like to learn a new modality or those who require some healing in some way. Most people who attend the Pellowah Workshops do so for their own personal expansion.

Pellowah is an extremely high-vibrational healing method that works on the mind & spirit to create deep & long-lasting healing. By focusing on the root cause of issues – rather than their symptoms – Pellowah may even have success healing emotional & physical issues that other healing systems struggle with.

Pellowah works first on the auric field then on the physical body. It unblocks and realigns the meridians (i.e. energy channels) within the body, dissolves negative energy, strengthens and heals the chakras, and helps people connect more fully to their intuition and True Self.

Pellowah has three levels: level 1, 2 & 3. We teach the first two levels over a single weekend. Our level 1 course is known as the ‘practitioner’ level, at its conclusion, you will be able to begin your healing, see below:


Pellowah Training | Level 1 

Certificate & manual included | 1 day workshop


Pellowah is Simple Powerful and Effective. .

Pellowah is not only for therapists or those who healing in some way. Most people who attend the Pellowah Workshops do so for their own personal expansion.

Pellowah allows you to establish positive lasting change in your life. Pellowah brings both personal and spiritual expansion. Pellowah is easy to learn & simple to use, anyone can participate in the workshops.

It gives the Attunements necessary to become a practitioner of this form of energy healing. These Attunements expand your own awareness & enable you to make very clear choices. You are left with a feeling of inner strength, well-being & this lasts & in fact gets stronger as time goes by.  As a practitioner of Pellowah you are then able to give treatments to clients, friends and family as well as your animal friends.

Most people who do the workshops, do so for their own spiritual development.

Pellowah Training | Level 2 

Certificate & manual included | 1 day workshop


This is a spiritual workshop for your personal growth and expansion.

In the Level 2 Workshop you receive an Attunement that enables you to connect with the higher part of you.  With that connection you can then bring that higher energy into your everyday life. You begin to take the necessary steps to fulfill your goals with much more energy, enthusiasm & purpose.

The Key benefits of Pellowah include… aligning the meridians, a greater feeling of inner peace, inner strength & inner confidence. Strong ability to make decisions that take you to higher levels within your own life. Clear, unlimited thought process & a more objective outlook. Very noticeable changes where you become less involved in other people’s lives. Greater feeling of connection & well-being. Strong knowing & insights required for your own life journey

You will work with the 7 Pellowah Symbols to –

  • Open up the Auric Field ( while still keeping it protected)
  • Neutralize Negative Energy
  • Bring together the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Bodies.
  • Align the Chakras
  • Increase Personal Power
  • Activate The Personal Merkabah
  • Expand the Aura to allow in New and Increased Energy and Information for Change.

Most people who do the workshops, do so for their own spiritual development.



Pellowah Training Details   


Next Training: Pellowah  | Level 1 & Level 2

Date: Tuesday & Wednesday

Times: 9am-5pm (on both days)

Venue: Clarity Centre – Brisbane Street, Bulimba, QLD

Bookings: Contact Sonia at to book & receive next available workshop dates.

Workshop Fee: $550 ( Level 1 & Level 2 Workshop).  Deposit on booking & the balance due on or before your workshop. Training includes workbook manual & certificate.




Pellowah Level 1 & Level 2  – Workshop with Sonia Wright, Clarity Centre QLD @ $550 (Pellowah Level 1 & Level 2 Workshop)


Pellowah Level 1 OR Level 2 (singularly) – Workshop with Sonia Wright, Clarity Centre QLD @ $300 (per workshop)

Pellowah Training | Level 3 

This workshop is a teacher trainer course that will provide you with the Attunements & information required to teach Pellowah Healing Technique Level 1 & Level 2.  The Attunements received in Level 3 will accelerate your spiritual development further.  Level 3 will not be taught by myself, Level 3 can only be conducted by the founder of Pellowah, Kachina Ma’an. Please email if you are interested in this course.

Attunement Group

This group meets every 2nd week on a Monday night.

We blend Pellowah Attunements & Meditation. This one is for Level 3 Pellowah Trainers only. … Always an inspired evening.

Time: 7am – 9.30 pm

Date:  Monday Nights (every 2nd week)

Venue: Different Venues depending week, we will notify upon your booking.

Bring: Yourself & your water. See you soon.

Bookings: Sonia at to find out next available date, address & book in your space.




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