Quantum Art



Channelled Artwork



Artwork is a simplistic, easy, & efficient way to raise your vibration & leave you with a feeling of well-being that gets stronger as time goes by.

Intentional art gives you the ability to experience empowerment & knowing through your art merge. Bringing you what you need into your daily life through unconscious coding.

Every Channelled Soul Artwork piece has a message within it.





Connection with intentional artwork quickens the remembrance process.

Channelled artwork brings remembrance of all that we are innately allowing & are ready to receive.

Soul art raises vibration, brings ease, develops merge & guides you through to your highest now path without interference.  No efforting required.

It is our connection that opens, expands & aligns us & we all experience it in different ways. Art is a powerful way forward.





Quantum Art imagery is shown throughout Clarity Centre QLD’s website, eTools, & eWorkshop materials.

A few sample examples, there are 100’s of Quantum Art Variants.

Imagery was originally created for various  Quantum Art Oracle Decks, the website, eTools & eWorkshops of Clarity Centre QLD.

Quantum Art Oracle Decks are not for sale & only used by studio.



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All Quantum Art used within website, eTools, eBooks & eWorkshops is copyright & created by Sonia @ Clarity Centre QLD for Quantum Art Oracle Decks (not for sale).