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Children respond beautifully to channelled intuitive therapy & energy work. Many techniques including biofield sound techniques & positive stories can be used.


Children are naturally attracted to positive energy, higher vibration & source.

If your child exhibits more than usual signs of emotional distress or needs balance, this is a very gentle & effective method for them.


Sessions help your child to thrive in the world & the younger the better.

You child’s light body symptoms can be released, dissolved, transmuted effectively to support children to feel grounded, calm, stable, joyful & enjoy a healthy lifestyle of wellbeing.

Sessions allows them to shine, thrive, show you & themselves how good they are adapting to the physical experience. It encourages your child to do all they can, releases squelching their eagerness within & balances reckless abandon that occurs around stifled creative energy. Everyone wins.

Children maintain worthiness & a feeling of well-being & naturally thrive …unless taught otherwise.




LIGHT Children | eWorkshop | ABOUT

The LIGHT Children’s eWorkshops contain simple, quick, summarised key points that allow you to work through you & your child’s integration in-between sessions & at home.

Helps you to bring back into your conscious mind things said in session (all embedded in the subconscious).

eWorkshops information also gives you tools to use at home to move through old energy & into understanding & more aligned frequency. Enjoy!


This eWorkshop includes eBooks, eKinesthetics & if you choose, Audios to help you allows the family to ground, calm & move into a higher vibration.

This supports your child’s ongoing wellness & alignment through working with your inner light child & releasing shadow moving into the light of your child within.

  1. simple effective procedures to use with your light children to bring their easy & flow in their health, wellness;
  2. clear light body symptoms manifesting in your child;
  3. techniques to calm, sooth your child’s fields & emotions;
  4. the higher knowing of your light child’s journey, the earth simple & the changes within them;
  5. knowing how to easily bring in a higher vibrational environment to help your light child feel safe & ground to the earth;
  6. energetic healing methods to anchor in their crystalline grid template, & support their highest timeline;
  7. assist & integrate the crystalline & stellar light frequencies into the sensitive body & consciousness of your light child;
  8. beautiful quantum hypnotic stories to run for your light children; &
  9. all to sustain the pure frequency of your child whilst aligning light body symptoms.

The LIGHT CHILDREN | eWorkshop – eBook only – @ $44 



The LIGHT CHILDREN | eWorkshop – eBooks & Audio @ $80.  





Your LIGHT Children Sessions use modalities that enhance the light child’s alignment to who they are, releases their gifts, allows their joy & comfort (within self) to flow again.

Sessions are also wonderful for parents, individual sessions for all the entire family are so beneficial. This life is for growing in our knowing, rather than in limitation, rules, self-preservation & old ways.
Sessions work to align, enhance & strengthen children to be who they are meant to be. Allows children to comfortably adjust to change, release little challenges.

Sessions bring in higher vibrating thought forms that allow your child to re-balance, grow & flourish in their natural state of peace & joy.


We offer distance sessions for children, either with:

  1. By-Sleep Sessions; &/or
  2. By-Phone (Surrogate Sessions through parent).
  3. Both systems above work beautifully for …. in utero, newborns, babies, toddlers, children, tweens & teenagers.

Children are best treated either in their deepest sleep or surrogated through the parent by-phone in a channelled intuitive therapy session & works with children of all ages, from in-utero through to teens.





Disclaimer: All eWorkshop information is not transferable & for Clarity Centre QLD clients only. We do not advise using the information in these eWorkshops without regular sessions & cellular light work to help release interference that rises up. No part of this eWorkshop, eBooks, audios etc, may be reproduced or utilised in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, & photocopying without written permission from the author. Also, In no way do our modalities replace medical doctors or treatment. 

Nb: Sonia works with children of all ages, from in-utero through to teenagers, also a children’s photographer.

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