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Intuitive Therapy helps you gain clarity. It gives you a sense of expansion & aligns your best path.

It brings relief as you embrace a positive future through identifying your wants & the path to achieving them.

Sonia Wright, Intuitive Therapist/Reader & Medical Intuitive since 1995. Born into a family of psychic & medical intuitives for succeeding generations.

Intuitive therapy is a blend of mediumship, intuitive healing, psychotherapy, EFT, light transmissions & frequencies, psychic work.

This powerful modality points you into your most positive direction. Helps you gain clarity, break through barriers, release limited behaviours, make sense of where you are & highlight where you are going. It lifts your vibration, draws & aligns you to what is required to move you forward with ease.

A practical modality that gets you on track & steers you to your best path.  Intuitive therapy is an empowering technique that brings peace.

Intuitive Therapy

  • Although we can all tune into our intuition & the answers are available to us all at all times, people are drawn to have a reading when they feel a lack of clarity, a little help with the next step, identifying their wants or just a big dose of inspiration.
  • It is clarifying in those times when we are in a state of disconnectedness due to life events, opinions, fears, beliefs & perceptions. Stress can tarnish our discernment & briefly disassociate us from our intuition.
  • It brings relief, peace & gives you a sense of expansion. It expands your vibration whilst  aligning you to a better path. It keeps you on track & heads you to your positive future. Clients always remark on how uplifted they feel afterward.
  • Readings can be done in-clinic or by distance (phone) simply depending client preference, location & availability.

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More about Intuitive Therapy …

  • Appreciating what we have & being eager for more is a good state to be in. This unlimited universe is all-compassionate & inclusion based.
  • Empowerment is a great reference point. It is best to make yourself your reference point, which of course, involves ignoring external reference points that wobble & remove your stability. External perceptions, judgements, biased information, concepts & fads that tell you who & what you are, or how & when you should limit your truth. Bypassing this brings freedom. Trust your inspiration.
  • Find your positive. Keep the choices in your favour. There are 2 choices, do I feel Better or do I feel Worse. Some choose worse, due to obligation, keeping others happy (impossible), caring what others think, negative or sloppy thinking. Switch to better, feeling, stay on your path, feeling good is not circumstance dependant. Break down every choice, remove judgement & simplify. Do I feel worse or do I feel better. This is the only choice you need. Simplify & do what is easy. List positive aspects. You can’t think about positive things & something negative at the same time. So keep it positive. Do you choose better or do you choose worse, its that simple.
  • Keep present. Forget the past. Staying present brings everything you want. You can make fluid plans whilst staying in your present, yet allow change. Your highest wisdom is only in the present moment, it’s not accessible in your past or future. Past is gone. Past memories are walls, withheld, anger, blockages, old programmes are the direct result of keeping your past in your present. Forgetting the past raises your vibration e.g. meet everyone for the first time, even if you have known them for 20 years. Anyone & anything that is not within your new higher energy (past released) cannot be around you anyway. You cannot stay in a situation if you have no memory of the past. It’s universal law.  Forget the past & all your personal sabotage is gone.


That was so cool, loved it, adore you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, so spot on & I feel inspired & clear on how to get to the bottom of it all now. So relieved.

I can’t believe how clear and light I feel. All confusion is gone.

I now feel that I am on the right path, heading in the right direction.

I love knowing I can call when I need direction. How my life has turned around. I can’t thank you enough. Hug.

You have managed to inspire me once again, thank you Sonia.

I’m excited to get out there now, your advice was so specific that I just know I can do this, finally its all coming together.

I am living what you said & everything has changed for the better!

That was an eye-opener.  It made perfect sense. So glad I came.

Sonia got right to the heart of my issues. Things have turned around. Thank you, you healed me. You are one of the clearest readers I have ever been too.

I’m so glad we met, my thinking has completely changed.




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