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HOW to support your children to flourish & INTEGRATE into their natural state of wellbeing, with FAST movement into a grounded & connected state WITHOUT hitting energetic blocks, healing crisis, or spending years of work & money on TRADITIONAL THERAPY!


eTools | Children @ $325  


Children’s eTools contains simple, quick, summarised key point audios & eKinaesthetics that bring back into consciousness things said in session (all embedded in the subconscious). Allowing you & your child’s integration in-between sessions & to move through old energy with more ease & understanding at home.

Grounding & calming methods to support your child’s ongoing wellness & alignment in-between sessions at home. Includes 4 modules, over 30+ subjects.

Perceive it your way today, another way tomorrow. As you re-hear, re-read & action things over time, the information will speak messages & shift energy too & through you & your children. All you need is intention. Enjoy!

Nb: Childrens eTools are only suitable for those with children. Also it is a follow up after completing the main eTools 1-11 & Childrens eTools are only sold as an add-on.



Sessions help your child to thrive in the world & they’re never too young to start.





Childrens eTools


Children maintain worthiness, a feeling of well-being & naturally thrive …unless taught otherwise.



Children’s eTools contain simple, quick, summarised key points to work through you & your child’s integration in-between guided sessions.


Enjoy knowing how to easily bring in a higher vibrational environment to help your child rebalance & ground.





Guide & work with your inner child, so both you & your child can easily shift energetic blocks together.


Assist the integration of light frequencies within the consciousness of your sensitive child’s body. Align light body symptoms manifesting in your child, bringing ease & flow to their wellbeing.





Enhance their sovereignty, comfort within self, & promote natural states of feeling safe, stable, safe & playful. 


Children are naturally attracted to positive energy & source. See them shine, thrive, whilst showing you & themselves how well they are adapting to the physical experience.




Simple tools that gently & effectively move through old energy into new understanding & encourage your child to release squelching their gifts & eagerness within whilst moving into their genius.


Balance reckless abandon that occurs around stifled creative energy & allow children to release little challenges & adjust comfortably to change.



Childrens eTools are full of home use eKinaesthetics & energy healing methods to support your trust, intuition & higher knowing to guide your child’s empowerment & ongoing healthy lifestyle.


Run beautiful quantum hypnotic stories that calm children requiring support, or who exhibit signs of overwhelm & emotional distress whilst sustaining their natural elevated vibrational flow.


Maintain your childs highest timelines through gentle methods that release shadow, transmute fields & soothe emotions, everyone wins.



Childrens eTools @ $325  

Nb: Childrens eTools are only suitable for those with children. Also these eTools are only sold as an add-on/ follow up after eTools 1-11. 




Children respond beautifully to channelled intuitive therapy & energy work. Sessions are also wonderful for parents, individual sessions for all the entire family are so beneficial. 

Sessions help your child to thrive in the world & they’re never to young to start, their sessions can either be …. by-phone (surrogated through parent), by-rest or by-sleep. 

All session styles work above work beautifully with children of all ages, from in-utero, newborns, babies, toddlers, & children right through to teens.



Sessions help your child to thrive in the world & they’re never too young to start.




Nb: Sonia works with children of all ages, from in-utero through to teenagers, also a children’s photographer.



All eTool information is not transferable & is  for Clarity Centre QLD clients only. We do not advise using the information in these eTools without regular sessions & cellular light work to help release interference that rises up. No part of these eTools may be reproduced or utilised in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, & photocopying without written permission from the author. In no way do our modalities replace medical doctors or treatment. All artwork is from the Quantum Art Oracle Collection by Clarity Centre QLD.


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