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Am I a Starseed?…

So many ask the question … Am I a Starseed? An  Earth Soul? A Mission Realmer? An Indigo? A Blue Ray? The list goes on & the confusion is high.

I thought it was time to briefly address the multidimensional & other realms questions.

If you are asking these questions then you are wanting to explore your Galactic Akash. We can expand on this summary in your session if this is your topic of interest.

In Summary, we all have an Akash & all experiences are recorded there. We can now find our soul origins & connections through our Galactic Akash. The Akash goes everywhere, every direction, in every ounce & knows all about your soul. Akash knows what skills you have (past/future), for use on this planet now from when you were… Vegan (Vay-gen), Pleiadian (or whatever, long list).

We are seeded & eventually, science will prove this. There are many inter & multi-dimensional beings, & they are mostly benevolent. Those who are de-evolving are simply balancing the cart;

You have probably been & are more than one of them & what’s important is that you are present within your earth life now.

In Quantum Kinesiology work, these answers come through spontaneously & also when asked, of course.

I’ve learned over the years is that although it’s fun to know the answers & life-changing, the answer is not always a simplified one & sometimes it can get very convoluted.

At our very beginning, our spark of life, at soul creation, we have a specific vibration that aligns with a specific planet. Most have lived on many star systems, a great way to investigate your main alliances is through QK, Kinesiology … the list is endless & awareness continues to develop…..

Finding your origin(s) & higher percentages can help clear things up.

  • Why you are the way you are?
  • Feel the way you feel?
  • Do the things you do?
  • Like the things you like?
  • There are many layers to it all.

We can connect to our multi/inter-dimensional families, our planets (if they still exist) for helpful energy, vibration, light & downloads upon connection, & within healing chambers.

There is much written on these topics & you can spend hours reading about the various multidimensional’s & planets.


Know Who You Are!

Connect with your Akash, Higher Self, Unconscious


Quantum Kinesiology or QHHT

“The More you Know, The Less You Fear”