Multidimensional Remembrance


So many ask the question …

  • Why don’t I fit in?
  • Am I a Starseed?
  • An  Earth Soul?
  • A Mission Realmer?
  • An Indigo?
  • A Blue Ray?
  • Who am I?

The list goes on & the confusion is high. So, I thought it was time to briefly address the multidimensional & other realms.

Firstly, if you’re asking these questions then you are of the new consciousness, & this covers all multidimensional energy. We can expand on this summary in your session if this is your topic of interest.

For now, quick basics:

  • We don’t originate from earth, we are seeded & eventually science will prove this;
  • We can now find our many soul origins & connections that we can currently perceive;
  • We all have an Akash & all experiences are recorded there;
  • There are many inter & multi-dimensional beings, & mostly benevolent. Those whom are de-evolving are simply balancing the cart;
  • You have probably been & experienced many variants & what’s important is that you are present within your earth life now as you have chosen to be here on a higher soul level.

In channelled intuitive therapy sessions, these answers come through spontaneously & also when asked, of course.

I’ve learned over the years is that although it’s fun to know the answers & can be life changing, the answer is not always a simplified one & sometimes it can get very convoluted. Meaning, questions simply lead to…. more questions.

At our very beginning, our spark of life, at soul creation, we have a specific vibration which aligns with a specific planet, there is more too it, however, let’s summarise it to this – for now.

Most have lived on many star systems, a great way to investigate your main alliances is through your session,… lists are endless & awareness continues to develop…..

Finding your origin(s), higher percentages can help clear things up. Why you are the way you are? Feel the way you feel? Do the things you do? Like the things you like? There are many layers to it all. However in the healing of field frequencies the need to know all the answers & tick all the boxes tends to dissolve.

We can connect to our multi/inter-dimensional families & planets for helpful energy, vibration, light & downloads upon connection, & within healing chambers.

There is much written on these topics & you can spend hours reading about the various multidimensionals & planets.



Know Who You Are!

Connect with your Akash, Higher Self, Unconscious


Channelled Intuitive Therapy

“The More you Know, The Less You Fear”


The healing chambers will be a major key to the balancing of your physical body & the acceleration of your growth.

Once you are willing, & in allowance, you can begin the process of calling in source/creator, your higher realm guides & higher self. Healing is from the higher dimensions. Even the slightest request is instantly answered.



  1. Call upon source for your highest timeline healing now.
  2. Simply Say I surrender, I allow,I release all & ask for God mother father creator, Christ consciousness, Angelics, Higher realm guides, Crystalline, Galactic federation family, Starseed Mother** to be with me tonight. I ask for a total revitalisation & energising. I allow my highest aligned light quotient now. On completion, I ask for a bubble of protection around me. All that is not of optimum positivity, health & wellbeing shall release &/or bounce from meThank you’.
  3. (**Please add or only use that which connects to you, or all).


There are many highly advanced, loving peaceful 5D + beings from other planets, dimensions & universes. The Arcturians are popular & loved group of specialised healers for humanity who keep a friendly eye on earth & are equipped with light technology.
Many are here to help humanity raise vibrational frequency, & communicate telepathically with souls who aspire to a higher level of consciousness. They bring knowing, love, guidance, spiritual & technical assistance & stand by ready to help, yet cannot step in unless asked.

Now is a powerful evolutionary time, light is pouring in & answers with it. We’re coming into sovereignty, awakening & knowing.  Prior, we gave our power away to others through fear, ignorance, acceptance & false concepts.

A soul must consciously ask in order to receive. Peace, joy, abundance, wellbeing & contentment is simple, a gift, a birthright, free, & eternal. We don’t earn it or do anything for it, we need only allow. We are protected in the asking, & give an energetic exchange, ask & you shall receive.


 ‘I ask for a screen of protection around me, all that is not of optimum health to bounce from me now’.


Call upon your entourage for your highest timeline healing now. Prior bed, for a deeper sleep & ask for an upgrade:

  1. Breathe; &
  2. Say….‘I ask to go to the physical healing chamber to be worked on. I ask for a 100% light quotient increase, a total revitalising & energising of my physical body. I ask for my body to be electrically aligned to help me live more in gods light.


Higher realm light is pleased to connect with us & currently accelerating the offering of energy to humanity through portals & gateways. They understand we need to feel energy in our body for our trust of process, an essential part of awakening. Theories are no longer as effective as feeling positive energy sensations, however subtle.

Ask to feel their energy coming in & notice the vibration offered. Energy supportive of your growth, opening, tuning into the higher star system frequencies.

In receiving the energy you release analytical requirement for information, facts, dates. Instead, you feel your knowing. They bring experience in order for us to know.

However, all are not open to having ‘an experience’ as they may think. Tune into what is happening energetically right now & feel for the familiarity of that energy. Allow yourself to be pulled upward by the energy & hear the reassuring messages constantly received.

Step away from the electronic devices, breathe, ground & ask to connect. Share in what is given so freely with humanity. Relax, open yourselves up, receive & you will not be disappointed.



**Disclaimer : ALL sessions in total are NOT intended to replace medical, legal or professional help, & are to be used for entertainment purposes ONLY 🤍**