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There are many forms of EMF & EMR Protection. EMF protectors assist your harmony & balance through using the latest technology. We have practical ways to protect yourself with products including EMF Harmonisers, Resonators, Sleep Mats, Tesla’s & on.

There is also Geopathic Stress, this has been found to be the common factor in most serious long-term illness & psychological conditions.

  • Do you wake up in the morning feeling tired? Do you feel tired and exhausted during the daytime?
  • Do you suffer from disturbed sleep? Is it difficult for you to fall asleep? Do you have frequent nightmares?
  • Do you feel/sleep much better in other places? You might be sitting on geopathic stress in your office/home.
  • Do you suffer from chronic fatigue? Do your neighbours have ill health? Have previous occupants of the house also been ill?
  • Do you have difficulties to concentrate? Suffer from headaches in the morning? Do you have symptoms without a cause? Symptoms that do not respond to western therapy? Do you suffer from autonomic disturbances?

Geopathic Stress can be from Above or Below Ground:

  • Below Ground: Dry faults, ley lines, earth energy lines, underground water, subterranean streams or rivers. Underground water carries electromagnetic E.M. frequences.
  • Above Ground: Electromagnetic frequencies from radar satellites, mobile phone towers, electrical transformers etc.

nb: Our products are tested with Kinesiology methods & multimeters. There are many EMF products & we suggest that you are tested for product that suits you best. 


What is EMF?

Electromagnetic Fields is a term used to describe the invisible electric & magnetic fields radiating away from man-made alternating electrical current. e.g. found in the home, office, factory, cars, trucks, buses & overhead tram/train lines etc.


Electromagnetic Radiation is a term used to describe an invisible form of man-made frequencies, transmitted through the atmosphere e.g. TV, Radio waves, Microwaves, Radar, X-Rays etc. We’re now living in an environment where we are being bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies our bodies are not adapted to.

  • Human bodies operate according to complex electrochemical processes, which can be very easily disturbed by electromagnetic radiation & geopathic stress, which lower our immune system.
  • Geopathic stress and electro-smog have been found to be a common correlating factor in many serious & long-standing illnesses e.g. sleep problems, fatigue, learning difficulties, psychological conditions, difficulty conceiving, cot death, ME & cancer.
  • Clearing your sleeping space is important, those who remain for long periods of time, & sleep in geopathically stressed zones, can suffer.

What is Grounding?

Grounding is natural & easy, we are grounded when we are in contact with the earth, e.g. sand, dirt, ground, rocks, non-manmade substances. You can do this barefoot outdoors or indoors with earthing/grounding products.  Grounding booses your health & calms your stress level, there is a lost of research being released on the beneficial effects of simply spending time in nature.

What is EHS?

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is the medical term for a set of health symptoms whose cause is electrically based. It can also called Electrical Sensitivity (ES), Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS), EMF Aware, EMF injured, Microwave or Radiation Sickness, & other names.  …(read more)

Ask to be tested for the method that is right for you today, preferably prior 5G. 


Note: Some Good Reading: “A Revolutionary Way of Thinking” by Charles Krebs, “Conversations with the Body” by Robyn Welch, “The Natural Way to Better Babies” by F.Naish & J.Roberts. “Take Control of Your Health” by Elaine Hollingsworth. “Cross Currents” R.Becker, “Terminal Sickness” P.Bentham, “Hidden Hazards” by R.Laura & J.Ashton.



(Harmonisers, Resonators, Sleep Mats, Teslas)


EMF Harmoniser is a Geopathic Stress & Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Harmoniser. A powerful harmoniser that neutralises & clears the harmful geopathic stress & EMR (electromagnetic radiation), excess electromagnetic pollution, stress & dirty electricity.

  • This harmoniser is a Schumann resonance/waves generator that produces a 7.83Hz frequency that harmonises your body in a geopathic stressed environment (7.83hz associated with alpha brain waves present when bodies are healing).
  • Once you have an abundance of Schumann resonance in your environment your body naturally tunes to the correct frequency as opposed to unhealthy electro-smog.
  • Works in a similar way when people take stable iodine to block radioactive iodine from being absorbed by the thyroid.
  • Research shows that when your body is grounded/earthed with Schumann resonance, electro-smog/geopathic stress effects are minimised.
  • Benefits of an EMF Harmoniser are:  protection from geopathic stress, counteracts EMF pollution (electro-smog), increases energy/mental clarity, better quality of sleep, boosts immunity, better response to treatment & nutrient absorption. Greater ability to recuperate from inflammation/long-term illness, less hyperactivity in children, more harmony in the family household, lowers absenteeism, increases productivity in workplaces & enhances feng shui.
  • Device will cover the whole house. Central placement or in a hall is recommended or where problem/geopathic stress/electromagnetic pollution is intensified. Use QK or dowsing to locate best socket.  
  • Your EMF Harmoniser can plug in into your computer, car or any USB charging sockets.

Emf Harmoniser USB @ $300 ea



Resonators are individually made & programmed chips that emit a permanent frequency Schumann resonance – natural frequency of planet Earth).

  • This resonance is essential to our balance & easily lost within the electromagnetic smog emitted by modern technology.
  • Resonators are like a Bluetooth grounding device, sending unhelpful EMF’s back to the earth.
  • Resonator’s benefits have been demonstrated consistently using kinesiology musle testing & captured in kirlian aura photography.
  • Resonators negate & balance the effects of the cell phone. They allow the energy centres/chakras to remain mostly balance, & in symmetry, without as much aura deterioration. Mainly within the 3 chakras near to the phone.
  • Resonators are anti-inflammatory & try to protect the body from ‘oppressors’ –e.g. cell phones etc.
  • With Resonator use, the aura is larger, denser, as chip not only negates the effect of the cell phones, it  improves overall health also.
  • Resonators compensate for the negative EMF’s of mobile phones & provide additional vitality, as the chip not only negates the effects of cell phones, but allow the aura to be larger & more dense, it improves overall health.
  • Place resonators on your battery cover inside your cell phone for protection. You can simply attach the Resonator to the back cover if your cell phone has a fixed back plate. If you have a phone case, this will protect the Resonator from being knocked off.
  • Resonators are very good for placing on the back of your watch, wrist band, jewellery items. As it allows a subtle electromagnetic field to align the body of the natural balance of Schumann frequency. Keeping the Resonator close to your skin is of benefit, the healing frequency & support & ongoing protection from environmental stresses.
  • Resonators also protects you from the negative emotions of those around you.
  • Resonators are also beneficial for using on your headphones, water filter, tap (help energetically balance your fluid intake). Also on the mains electric equipment in your house & fuse box (helps drain their imbalanced frequencies back to the earth).
  • Resonators protect you from environmental stresses of computers, artificial lighting, fridge freezers, wi-fi etc.
  • Resonators are great for children.
  • Resonators are powered by electromagnetic tape.

“With the introduction of the cell phone, the body has gone into ‘defensive stance’ Dr Mike Mirkovic, Epsom Osteopathic Centre, NZ.

EMF Resonators @ $30 ea (Carry on you at all times, great for children)


SLEEP MATS (currently out of stock)

How to strengthen & recharge your aura, increase your energy & improve your energy whilst you sleep. Called ‘magic mats’ as their results can seem miraculous at times. They are based on scientific knowledge, however esoteric – Radionics has been hailed as ‘ the physics of tomorrow ‘. Even more important is the relief from many painful &  difficult conditions, as well as the renewed energy & enthusiasm for life it provides in a simple, safe & inexpensive form.

They have a therapeutic effect on the human body, on 2 levels:

  • Energizes the body.
  • Removes fatigue, exhaustion & apathy.
  • Optimum quantity of new attained energy makes the body stronger, more resistant to disease & gives a distinct improvement of the physical state.
  • Mat concentrates an additional flow of energy, thus creating an environment for a complete regeneration of the vitality & stimulation for the self-regulation & self-healing process.
  • The physiological sleep of a person should regenerate the life forces to a satisfactory extent, sufficient to a whole day activity. If, body functioning is disturbed by an excessive fatigue or disease (due to geopathic stress, EMR’s, poor diet etc) then natural regeneration of the life forces will be insufficient.


  •  Has a positive effect on the mind & the nervous system.
  • Calming &/or energizing effect on the user, according to his/her need.
  • General improvement in health,  increase of energy & a more positive state of mind.

Many experience a surprising improvement in their state of health, & have even obtained complete freedom from pain in conditions as diverse as arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism, menstrual & menopausal problems, headaches, migraine, psychological ailments, insomnia, back problems, shingles, M.E. and many more.

Allow the mat to balance & recharge your energy field (aura) whilst you are alseep. The positive effects can often be observed from the first day of use.

Sleep Mats are simple to use, simply place it on your mattress under your sheets (lower back area), & then sleep on top of the Mat to experience amazing results.

1. Take the Mat out of its protective plastic bag.
2. Place the Mat under your sheet/blanket with red dots facing upward, towards your body.
3. Make sure Mat is positioned under the lower back, between waist & base of the spine.

Sleep Mats therapeutic effect occurs regardless of the position of the body during sleep or rest. They respond individually to the user, so it should not be shared or given away; each person should have his/her own. It retains the same active strength unless the cloth is damaged or destroyed & not effective if folded/crumpled. Sleep Mats may be washed in cool water or machine wash & ironed (cotton setting). An electric blanket/duvet will stop Mat action ….. read more

Sleep Mats are – Currently out of Stock

Sleep Mat @ $35 ea



Shungite is a premier EMF radiation protection stone that helps balance your electromagentic field. A stone that can help keep your energy clear, balanced & protected.

Shungite is a highly efficient stone that has a very strong field that emanates to protect the home & car. Shungite also can help protect with computers, microwave ovens, cordless home phones, TV’s & radio alarm clocks etc. Scientific studies have proved that shungite weakens the impact of  radiation in your body. Shungite Tumbers (smooth round stones) are great for carrying in your pocket at all times. Wonderful for children to fidget with whilst watching any device.

All studies on shungite therapeutic purpose have demonstrated its effectiveness & ability to stimulate immune system defences & re-activate the healing process. Shungite can even be used in water (for limited amounts of time) & in the vegetable crisper (keeps produce fresher longer).

Yearly scientists publish journals about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation on human health. The human biofield has an electromagnetic nature & radiation suppresses the biofield and can influence pathogenic to an organism.

Shungite is known as “The Stone Comforter” in Russia.  They have recovery rooms filled with Shungite, for psycho-emotional correction, adaption, rehabilitation & biofield correction for both adults & children.

Shungite Tumber @ $25 ea (good to carry tumblers in your pocket at all times, great for children.)



Teslas products are new generation in technology using Titanium as its base. There are many products within the Tesla range. Please ask for testing with your QK session for these Products.

Come in & be tested for your aligned EMF protection today.


More About Geopathical Stress…

  • 95% of cancer patients are living or working in a geopathic stress environment.
  • 95% of children who are hyperactive live in a geopathic stress environment.
  • 85% of women who miscarry live or work in a geopathic stress environment.
  • 80% of people who get divorced live in a geopathic stress environment.

In over 30 years of practice, I have not yet come across a seriously ill person (with the exception of disease caused by virus, bacteria, or infected injuries), who has not slept or stayed for long periods in a geopathic stressed environment. Dr E. Harman, MD


Do I require Geopathic Stress Protection?

  • Do you have mould in your home? Do you have lichen or moss growing on the roof, walls or lawn as these like geopathic stress?
  • Do you have problems with ants, wasps or bees? Some animals (ants, wasps, bees and, cats) are attracted to geopathic zones. Other animals (dogs, cows, horses, etc) avoid geopathic stress.
  • Are there any cracks in walls, driveways, paving stones, kerbstones and roads? These may be caused by geological faultlines. Are there underground springs or wells or sewage system? Are you near a quarry?
  • Are there trees with cancerous knobbly growths on them nearby or trees whose trunks have split into two or twisted or trees that lean or bend to one side? Are there any unusual gaps in hedges? These may indicate a line of geopathic stress crossing the hedge.


“It is the duty of doctors to inform their patients of the dangers of sleeping over geopathic stress areas” Dr J. Issels, MD.




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