DNA Work

DNA WORK Energetic DNA enhancement is different for every individual. The goal is beyond the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual niggles. Change involves addressing the issue, finding the interference & once cleared, the enhancement can take place. What is interference? Before we can address the physical, emotional &/or spiritual issue, we need to address the interference. This […]


CLARITY CENTRE QLD | eWorkshop     HOW to raise your vibration NOW through dumping interference, building rapport with the higher self, & FAST movement into synchronicity WITHOUT hitting stagnation, a healing crisis, or spending years of work & money on TRADITIONAL THERAPY!     eWorkshops through eTools are a simplistic, easy, & efficient way to move into your life with new energy […]

Quantum Work

CLARITY Centre QLD | What is Quantum Work?  Quantum Kinesiology When general life & the law of attraction is not working positively, we simply need to find & release interference & sabotage programs. Once we begin releasing our interference, we begin to rise out of programs & have a conscious choice of our path forward. […]


CLARITY CENTRE | TESTIMONIALS   Today I experienced a quantum healing session with Sonia at the Clarity Centre QLD, and to say it is life changing is an under statement. I didn’t know what to expect from the session, it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. To put it in context I […]