DNA Work

DNA WORK Energetic DNA enhancement is different for every individual. The goal is beyond the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual niggles. Change involves addressing the issue, finding the interference & once cleared, the enhancement can take place. What is interference? Before we can address the physical, emotional &/or spiritual issue, we need to address the interference. This […]


CLARITY CENTRE QLD | eTools     HOW to raise your vibration NOW through dumping interference,building rapport with the higher self, & FAST movement into synchronicity WITHOUT hitting stagnation, a healing crisis, or spending years of work & money on TRADITIONAL THERAPY!           eTools are a simplistic, easy, & efficient way to move into your life with new energy […]

Gateways & Guides

CLARITY CENTRE QLD | Gateways & Guides   A brief non-scripted chat bringing in the flow of the Divine for the collective, a quick summary & description of some of the work that flows through Clarity Centre QLD, enjoy.   Gateways & Guides 1 Gateways & Guides 2 Gateways & Guides 3 Gateways & Guides […]