DNA Work


Energetic DNA enhancement is different for every individual. The goal is beyond the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual niggles.

Change involves addressing the issue, finding the interference & once cleared, the enhancement can take place.

What is interference? Before we can address the physical, emotional &/or spiritual issue, we need to address the interference. This is where true change begins.

There are unlimited things that classify as interference, ranging from:

  1. Physical issues (e.g. un-nourished, un-grounded, heavy metals, allopathic issues, undiagnosed illness & on….);
  2. Emotional/Mental issues (e.g.  belief systems, stuck emotion, programs, twisted perception, walls, blocks, fear, imprints & on.. ); &
  3. Spiritual issues (e.g. disconnection, reversed polarities, implants, seals, unjustified karma, genetic/ancestral gunk, cords, past life issues, attachments & on the list goes, it’s long.

DNA Enhancement involves many things all dependant on individual & can include, not limited to, anchoring our emotional body into our higher self through orbiting, dropping our karma, collapsing timelines, realigning & recoding the matrix, activating awareness, replacing protons  & integrating chromosomes. Includes removing negative programming, overlays, imprints, implants & seals.

We can then enhance our DNA, identify genome cells that require alignment, balance or re-arrange, release genetic ancestral gunk, reintegrate etheric strands & replace dysfunctional DNA.

There are many ways & all depends on body read. Bringing in structural support for the change & reuniting with higher frequencies & energy systems. also includes light transmissions, codes, & gateways frequencies now available, each individual is different.


DNA work is part of your Session.



**Disclaimer : ALL sessions in total are NOT intended to replace medical, legal or professional help, & are to be used for entertainment purposes ONLY 🤍**