HOW to raise your vibration NOW through dumping interference,building rapport with the higher self, & FAST movement into synchronicity WITHOUT hitting stagnation, a healing crisis, or spending years of work & money on TRADITIONAL THERAPY!



Part 1 – Release BLUEPRINT eWorkshop @ $285 –  

Part 2 – Connect BLUEPRINT eWorkshop @ $285 –  

Part 3 – Childrens BLUEPRINT eWorkshop @ $325 –


NB: Work through modules in order first, after this, your eWorkshop modules can be used in a oracle flow. Should you hit blocks within eWorkshop, then it is time for an interference release. 



BLUEPRINT is a simplistic, easy, & affordable way to move into your life with new energy at your own pace, in the convenience of your home.


Gentle in-depth eWorkshops that flow through key shifting points. All allowing remembrance that works through things at home in-between your personal channelled 1-2-1 sessions.


BLUEPRINT eWorkshops include methods that can leave you with a feeling of inner strength, well-being & this gets stronger as time goes by.




BLUEPRINT gives you the ability to experience your empowerment & knowing through your light merge. Bringing you what you need to begin your journey of sovereignty.


No matter how little you understand, moving into your light is natural & building rapport with your higher self  is innate. The connection is within.


BLUEPRINT is not a modality, more so a remembrance of all that we innately hold. 




Full of methods that allow direct understanding of how to raise your vibration, bring ease, develop your merge & guide you through to your highest now path.  


The energy is not geographical. No efforting required, nor any need for you to be a doctor, a yogi, have a photographic memory or honours in quantum science.


It is our connection that opens, expands & aligns us & we all experience it in different ways. 





BLUEPRINT is for the general public, anyone can participate.  All who move through BLUEPRINT, do so for their own purposes.


BLUEPRINT is here for any soul that is naturally drawn or feels directed, & this can include seasoned energy workers. 


No matter your reason, BLUEPRINT is for all.





BLUEPRINT eWorkshops

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Part 1 – Release BLUEPRINT eWorkshop @ $285 –  

Part 2 – Connect BLUEPRINT eWorkshop @ $285 –  

Part 3 – Childrens BLUEPRINT eWorkshop @ $325 – (only suitable to those with children).  





When fast high vibrational energy is released into our energy fields, all that isn’t a match will rise to the surface for release.


Having regular sessions further avoids integration imbalances, combative intellectual analysis & moves you through your interference release with more comfort.


Through inner self reflection & channelled therapy, we can detect, reduce & correct the imbalances that reside in our fields.


Your personal channelled intuitive therapy sessions…

  • Release unresolved issues sitting in our energy field & quicken the journey into our highest now timeline.
  • Increase your expansion & awareness. This allows a faster flow into realisation, sovereignty & empowerment. 
  • Quicken your flow into synchronicity by releasing blocks that limit your energy, suppress your higher self, hide your natural genius, physic abilities & akashic gifts.
  • Allow, through guided conduit, assistance to lift the body, mind, emotion & spirit to the highest frequency potential. Releasing stuck, stagnant, distorted limitation, trauma, patterns & programming.



Those interested in booking a private personal channelled intuitive therapy session, please see link below…





All eWorkshop information is not transferable & for Clarity Centre QLD clients only. We do not advise using the information in these eWorkshops without regular sessions & cellular light work to help release interference that rises up. No part of these eWorkshops may be reproduced or utilised in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, & photocopying without written permission from the author. Also, In no way do our modalities replace medical doctors or treatment. All artwork is from the Quantum Art Oracle Collection by Clarity Centre QLD.


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