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Pellowah is a descriptive word (angelic) for “radical shift in consciousness”.

This form of healing connects all 12 strands of DNA ready for activation. It also unblocks and realigns all meridians within the body giving a feeling of connections and well-being. As the name suggests, it also results in a radical shift in consciousness.

In many other forms of healing, subsequent results of the change & growth can be cathartic as old frameworks are broken down to create new ones. This is not the case with Pellowah. The growth & change brought about by Pellowah help a person build on their old frameworks without the trauma. Through this form of healing the client becomes less involved in other people’s lives. They have a new perspective, therefore making better choices. Pellowah expands their consciousness, helping them to become more objective.

Many other forms of healing produce positive feelings that generally last 2 days to a week. Pellowah provides a feeling of well-being the seems to last and in fact it will get stronger as time goes by. This is because the healing happens from the inside out.

The energy changes YOU & the “new you” becomes the normal. Pellowah activates you so you generate & create the light from within. There will be a constant source of replenishment which is not reliant on outside influence. Pellowah can be used in absent healing & can also be used to heal those who are overseas/interstate, hospital bound or in a wheelchair etc. Also wonderful for newborns, children, & pets.



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Pellowah is simple powerful and effective -increasing the capacity for positive change in your life.

You may have found yourself at cross-roads or simply are searching for a better more fulfilling life.

Each treatment is a totally unique experience. The number of treatments required to complete the healing is between 1 – 4 depending on your individual needs. Your Pellowah treatment continues to work in your system for 24 hours at the same capacity therefore in order to obtain the best results it is advisable to rest up a little & drink water.


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Pellowah is a form of healing that can be done more than once. The number of sessions will vary from client.

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