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Distance Pellowah is as powerful as if you were in my healing room on my table. 

Distance Pellowah can be more effective than in-person/in-room work. Healing vibration is not limited by distance. 


A distance Pellowah treatment takes 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Prior to your session, please grab yourself a large glass of water (please drink lots of water). Also switch off mobile/home phone, TV, radio & any other device. Please remove yourself from noise & lay down in a relaxed position, preferably on your back, on your own (during healing) & ready for your nights sleep.  

After your session, relax & drink lots of water. You can rest & relax for as long as you like, including sleeping for the rest of the night.  Most clients say they had the best sleep of their life, the rare few have no sleep at all, either response is only a by-product & neither is necessary for your result. The process will continue for 24 hour after experience. No matter your feelings, responses or lack of, this healing has & will continue to occur.

Distance Pellowah treatment is a very powerful healing modality, works beautifully with all. Especially children of all ages, the elderly, the busy, & those in hospital or in remote places.


More about distance Pellowah …


  • Everyone has a unique experience, you may feel nothing or you may feel much, many often feel relaxed or fall asleep during a session. Either way the healing will be the same. 


  • You may feel heavy, your limbs may move, dream vividly or any other sensation or emotion described on this site. Other sensations some have had are tingling, lightness, lights or colours appearing, floating sensation, rumbling stomach, muscle twitching. None, some & all of these things are very common. Regardless of what you physically feel, the energy will be working.


  • Distance Pellowah works on a mental & spiritual level first, so is not always physically felt. Its about the ultimate result of the session, not the sensations during, as enjoyable as they may be. Results are astounding & different for all.  To name a few …  it can brings clarity, inner peace, calm, inner strength, confidence, intuition, empowers, increases personal capacity for positive change, enables clear guidance, gives a sense of well-being that increases over time, new & expanded perception & objectiveness, overcomes blocks of fear, self-doubt, anxiety & depression & more …


  • Your distance Pellowah treatment download will take 24 hours after your 45-60 minute session. Clients have told me they know when their session is over even if they haven’t experienced any of the more physical responses, that the energy is dispersing. Whether you feel something or not, the same healing will have occurred.


  • This distance Pellowah treatment is direct energy between the person receiving the healing & source. nb: Pellowah is 100% pure & not filtered through the practitioner. To ensure your treatment remains as your own experience, it’s best that external input, interpretation, diagnosis or feedback is not entered into directly after your healing.


  • Distance Pellowah follow-up sessions is dependant on the client. Single healings are very successful & profound. All sessions can be done via distance healing if you prefer. Most have such noticeable health response from the first session they feel they are done. However, I have witnessed the benefits of multiple sessions, as layers are healed. Healing does occur in stages. If you  have a chronic illness, it is best I see you 3-4 times in succession preferably.


  • Healings are usually on Source’s terms. So our ideas on what the treatment will do & source’s idea may be different. I’ve never seen a client not in agreement with Source afterwards though. You may have come to see me to fix a sore neck, & leave with improved digestion, all traces of depression have left you & improved hearing. Source heals in layers.


  • My role in the treatment process is that of facilitator, my role is important but not exclusive. We can all heal, but not all of us will choose to, or believe we can. The vibration/frequency for healing is present in all of us. The healing I channel through to clients is directly from source. I love to teach this skill to anyone who is interested, so they can give this to family, friends & those they love. If this is something you would cherish, please see my workshops.


  • The permission of the person being healed must be given or healing will not transfer (children under 12 will need parent permission).
  • Distance Pellowah technique is powerful, it saves a lot of time, many distance healing clients are either too busy, can’t take the time out of the office, need to be home with the children, live overseas & so on. Many do live around the corner & just prefer to curl up in their bed & continue their sleep for the night afterward & so distance energy work is there preferred choice.


  • There are infinite ways you can benefit from distance energy, healing is in layers & all benefit. Great for unresolved & deep trauma, eliminating negative energies, low energy, mood swings, negative inner voice, alcohol/drug abuse, impulsive/compulsive behaviour, memory problems, poor concentration, anxiety, depression, phobias, allergies, food cravings, prejudices. It unblocks & releases repressed pain; negative learned behaviour & self-limiting decisions.


  • Its magic with unresolved issues. Unresolved issues determine the quality of your life & each negative life incident continues to gain momentum if it remains unresolved or ignored. Unless one deals with it, it will only reappear & manifest itself in new & unloving experiences of one’s life.


  • Distance Pellowah work transforms & aligns your life with more positive & productive thoughts, creating a healthier & happier you. Pellowah is a life changing experience. You will notice a shift that will dramatically improve the way you feel.




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