Private Sessions with Sonia


Book Your QK Distance Session with Sonia

By-Phone or By-Sleep/Rest

Do you feel in need of guidance, purpose, healing, or clarity from Sonia? Ordering a private session is easy!

About Private Sessions

All private merged (channeled) sessions are held either by-phone or by-sleep/rest. You can be located anywhere in the world, & book a private distance session.


Private Distance QK Session with Sonia (By-Phone) @ $185 AUD, for a 1 hour 


What You Can Expect

Your session is your chance to learn to & connect with your entourage, source, multi-dimensional energy, call it as you like, higher realm. Feel, see, know the energy & further understand how to release into your highest timeline & be the best you that you can be, moment by moment.

You can ask any question you like, please keep in mind that Sonia does not predict the future, rather releases you into your highest now timeline. We can go into the energy of the future, predictions are no longer important as each person now has free will & choice to release & heal their future.

Private sessions are perfect for bringing clarity, peace, creating a conscious connection with Source whilst seeking personal information, answers, & energy therapy.

Also for those who are looking to deepen their experience, grow in their knowing, allow surrender, upgrade DNA, release interference, begin to release & re-align paradigms, emotion & belief systems. Personal sessions allow for in-depth exploration of deep issues, & to be brought into alignment via vibrational upgrades & frequencies.