Quantum Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology & Energy Work


How can I help you? 

We are all powerful beings.  Yes, it is true. No, you are not the one person that this does not apply too. We can all live our natural state of empowerment and it’s my honour to share my insights & training with you. Below, I share my quick story – so you can get to know me, and discover how I can help!

About Sonia 

A decade ago, Sonia was living a ‘successful’ life as a wedding photographer with a six-figure salary, and all trimmings she desired. Yet, it was external success … a constant nagging that she was to move into her hobby (not a popular idea). Her hobby was studying energy modalities (over 25 years). It was time to swap hobby & career.

Through a remarkable set of coincidences, Sonia found herself teaching corporates motivational studies & it was then that Sonia discovered she was “a energy worker pretending to be a wedding photographer” & not the other way around.

Since then, with a little help from technology, Sonia has helped many around the world & locally to live in alignment with their energy & highest potential. Sonia is a global energy worker and many light workers regularly seek her for balance.

Words from Sonia

Looking back, my pursuit was to feel inspired & feel joy.  I’ve always chased my dreams with all my heart. I’ve played many roles, tried on many hats & studied many philosophies. I’ve been a daughter, a sister, a wife & a mother.  I’ve been a student, a teacher, entrepreneur, author, speaker & motivator. I’ve worked as a ballerina, choreographer, TV presenter, painter, stylist, graphic designer, wedding photographer, intuitive, counsellor, psychotherapist, reiki master, neuro linguistic programmer, hypnotherapist, kinesiologist & energy worker & on it goes.

I combine all that worked powerfully for myself and give it to others through energy work. I continue to observe, meditate, listen, learn, create, grow, organise, simplify, optimise, and share. I currently strive to provide EMPOWERMENT. 

Positive creation & upliftment echoes on and on. Deep awareness of self, those around us & our environment brings joy, respect, clarity & in turn, we light the world around us. Kindness leads to kindness. Judgment leads to judgment. Love leads to love. Awareness is a lasting cure.

What Can Sonia do for you?

Shift your awareness, perspectives, limits & beliefs. Improve your boundaries & sovereignty. Release your struggle & help you embrace your natural ease. Release & move your needless worry, drama & allow peace. Increase your clarity & confidence. Build your personal presence & connection with others. Ground your energy being. Help bring your blueprint back into harmony within all energies being abundance, love, health, peace.




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