Channelled Therapy




Sonia has been a Channeller, intuitive & clairaudient since childhood.

Born into a family of psychics & medical intuitives for succeeding generations & has practiced since 95.



People are drawn to a guided session when they feel a lack of clarity, a little help with the next step, identifying their wants, or just a big dose of inspiration.

We can all tune into our intuition & the answers are available to us all at all times.

However, guided sessions are clarifying in times when we are in a state of disconnectedness due to life events, opinions, fears, beliefs & perceptions.

Interference, patterning, & stress can tarnish our discernment & briefly disassociate us from our intuition.

Guided session clearings will be as fast as your willingness, free will, allowance & field ability to transmute & shift.


You are the creator of your own reality, always, and the future is constructed with every thought & emotion. This is why sessions work to release interference.

Life is a product of your vibration and free will choice combined with the merge with your higher self & guides of light.

Timing of manifestations occurs when your consciousness reaches the vibration of what you desire.


Trusting source to flow through your being to reach your heart centre is the most beautiful journey.



How can Channelled Therapy (CT) Help Me?

Channelled Therapy (CT) helps you gain clarity, brings a sense of expansion & align your path.

  1. CT is a conduit blend of channeling, intuitive energy work, light transmissions, frequencies, & for me personally, clairaudience psychic read;
  2. CT is beneficial for pinpointing fastest, clearest path to transmute interference & allow higher vibration to flow;
  3. CT brings relief as you embrace a positive future through identifying your authenticity, passion & the path to achieve ease, flow & synchronicity;
  4. CT work is powerful & points you in your most positive direction;
  5. CT uses higher self & higher realm directives. This helps you gain clarity, break through barriers, release limited behaviours, make sense of where you are & highlight where you are going;
  6. CT is a fast track way to use all modalities by use of channelled field read to move forward. Transmuting interference & stagnant blocks in the most beneficial way;
  7. CT lifts your vibration, draws & aligns you to what is required to move you forward with ease. A practical modality that gets you on track & steers you to your best path;
  8. CT brings relief, peace & gives you a sense of expansion;
  9. CT sessions bring you into understanding of who you are, resolve the story, dissolve & transmute any timeline or shadow interfering with your activation;
  10. CT sessions move you forward as you resolve the need for infinite questioning (left brain) & allow peace, trust & knowing (right brain);
  11. CT sessions will eventually flow you into  a sovereign state where you will tap into your higher self without requiring conduit sessions & even tap into the remembrance of first spark of existence;
  12. CT expands your vibration whilst aligning you to a better path;
  13. CT keeps you on track & heads you to your positive future;
  14. CT clients always remark on how uplifted they feel afterward.




How can Channelled Therapy Work?

  1. CT works with potentials surrounding you energetically in your present moment.
  2. CT finds & transmutes old energy that does not serve you, illuminating the highest path, without superseding free will to move into your highest timeline path;
  3. CT sessions are conduited from your I am, higher self (source), a channelled connection between earth & source realm;
  4. CT sessions connect through the god, mother, father creator, christ consciousness & within this light, many aspects open;
  5. CT sessions work with your Akash, aspects, timelines, shadow, & light. Dependent on what comes through in alignment with the God, mother, father, Creator light connection….including hall of Ascended Masters, Angelic Realm, Star Mothers & Councils, Galactic Federations of Light, Arcturians, Lemurians, & Alpha Centurion Council of high healers;
  6. CT sessions includes conduited & channelled Light Codes that support your authentic soul purpose & activate the unique blueprint. Those who wish to release all interference (junk DNA) & shadow aspects will bridge & build rapport with their higher self, the I am & allow their vibration to naturally elevate. Many souls flow in many ways, yet here, we flow into the homo-christos light body, crystalline (DNA into GNA). This brings the remembrance, connection & knowing; &
  7. CT is a grounded walk of breath, light & full decension into the physical field to align & allow the natural ascended connected state already realised beneath the interference.

All CT sessions are distance sessions, as this is the most powerful method of conduit, & is administered by-phone. In some circumstances, it may be required to have a by-rest or by-sleep session, a powerful method best for in-utero/babies/children, elderly, surgery/comas, severe illness/auto-immune, agoraphobia, restricted access/time zone/overseas/phone issues & on.


Channelled Therapy is an empowering technique that brings peace & contentment.




Your Guided Session (CT) also helps you…

  1. Appreciate – What you have & be eager for more brings you into a higher state of coherence. When in flow this unlimited universe is all-compassionate & inclusion based;
  2. Feel empowered – Allowing yourself to be your reference point, which involves releasing external opinions that wobble & remove your stability;
  3. Release External Perception – Stepping into your authentic knowing dissolves polarised & biased information. Letting go of old concepts, beliefs & fads that tell you who & what you are, or how & when you should be limited by past truth paradigms.  This brings freedom;
  4. Trust your Inspiration – Finding your passion & positive flow forward whilst keeping choices in your favour. Knowing if your choices make bring (a) empowerment; or (b) powerlessness. The release of choosing the later due to obligation, keeping others happy (impossible), caring what others think, or negative & sloppy thinking;
  5. Switch to allow your higher path – They remove interference that blocks your natural flow, your feel good, your birthright to stay in forward movement, as this is not circumstance dependant;
  6. Bring in Clarity – Allowing you to break it down, with every choice as you release duality & judgement. As you begin to ask yourself… Do I feel empowered or powerless?;
  7. Bring in Synchronicity – Recognising the importance of appreciation & natural flow to list positive aspects & allow synchronicity. We can’t think negatively & positively at the same time, we can simply choose positivity;
  8. Keep Present – Releasing old energy, staying in present now time allows all you desire. Creating fluid plans within present now whilst allowing change.
  9. Flows into Highest Timeline – Which is only within present moment. Past memories are walls, withheld anger, blockages, old programs, interference, ancestral genome & on. Release the past & future from your present. Being in present time is a natural vibration raiser, then all that is not fielded within your new higher path simply cannot be around you anyway. It’s a universal law.


Channelled Therapy is the basis of your session & used to bring in other modalities depending body read.





**Disclaimer : ALL sessions in total are NOT intended to replace medical, legal or professional help, & are to be used for entertainment purposes ONLY 🤍**