Chakra Energy Work


Chakra Energy Work involves balancing your chakra’s & aura to create manifestation & change alignment with your highest potential, the strongest & most powerful pathway for you.


Think of chakras as your own little personal orchestra. Chakras are the speakers, & the aura is the music is coming out, your song flowing & broadcasting into the world. Chakras work best when in harmony,  if one is out of tune or has some stuck energy, you may feel a little bit off.

If you have been out of tune for some time, you may be used to that feeling & not realise that you are out of alignment. Find out where you’re chakras are stuck & how to communicate with other people & connect with them in a fun & balanced way.

Chakras regulate energy flow in a loop from
Source – through energy body – through physical body – back to Source

Chakra balancing encourages appropriate emotional responses to life events & helps us to better navigate day-to-day occurrences. (read more)

Your Chakra Energy Session


Your Chakra Energy Session will be 1.5 hours.

During:  a Chakra Balancing Session we begin releasing & transmuting your blockages, & tuning your Chakras for balance, this brings you back into your natural aligned energy flow.  We work with your 11 Chakras, & minor Chakras, ARCM’s (auto response control mechanisms) & Cording etc.  Keeping it simple, this means your Chakra(s) are spinning too slow, too fast or not at all for various reasons.

After: In most cases, you will feel balanced, light & you will notice during the following weeks that synchronicity may begin to occur. You will receive audio support for your own self care & empowerment.


  • Please schedule the rest of your day so that after the session you won’t have activities that will require a lot of concentration or physical hard work. Please don’t schedule work appointments or to fly out right after the session, as we may run late. 
  • We also suggest a follow-up appointment for further support after approx 4-6 weeks, &/or meridian correction, this is dependant upon original issue worked on, some may require 3 sessions closer together at first.


Energy & Kinesiology Work Session @ $150 (approx 1.5 hours)


Note: Bank Transfer  also accepted. Please add your name to the receipt & send receipt to us by email.


More about Chakra Energy Work

When you are in harmony you have personal presence, your energy radiates out strongly, you have positive, or at worst, neutral emotional responses to life events & live in a flow of synchronicity.

We work with your 11 Chakras (includes main 7 Chakras that run from top of head, down to the base of the spine) plus your Astral & Minor Chakras, your ARCM’s (auto response control mechanisms) & Cording etc.  Energy work starts from the bottom of your spine, running up through each of the Chakras. When our Energy is out of balance one or more of the Chakras are out of tune or experiencing blocked energy. Keeping it simple, this means your Chakra(s) are spinning too slow, too fast or not at all for various reasons.

Attuning, aligning & balancing chakras can help. Some issues helped by chakra balancing and clearing may include:

  • Changes your momentum,
  • Bring new results by breaking patterns, creating new energy events different from usual old recurring events.
  • Restores your natural harmony & balance, chakras affect your physical body & organs.
  • Brings synchronicity flow through coherence. If you are vibrating with coherency then everything around you will start healing you, as well as yourself.
  • Removes the pull & push cords to others, that you usually unconsciously (sometimes consciously) develop. Cords are mostly unintentional.
  • Balancing the connection & disconnection mode, bringing sovereignty, self confidence & self sufficiency.  Shifting patterns of loneliness, insecurity, desperation, seeker behaviour, over sharing, over vigilance, & also of isolation, aloofness, needing too much space or not enough & list goes on.

Money, relationships, health, love, sleep, trust, personal power, self-esteem, mood improvement, forgiveness, family relationships, enlightenment, discovering life purpose, vitality & on the list goes.

These behaviours above & more, may easily shift upon chakra balancing.

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