Ascension Frequency Worker

Ascension Frequency Worker | Sonia Wright | Clarity Centre QLD

Using Quantum Kinesiology & Hypnotherapy to align the physical, remove interference & follow with DNA upgrade & enhancement.
Working as a conduit of the frequencies, stargates & more.  Mostly projecting into this timeline, to assist the Earth Family in reaching its highest expression of the Light.
Connecting with Higher Self Aspects (through orbiting), enables the highest light technology to the Earth to be brought through (future/new technology arrives daily as we make our transition into the faster frequencies & beyond). This helps clients to release their energy blocks, limitations & resolve/release deep core issues caused by negative inner programming. Peace, Joy & Love is our Divine Birthright.
Working with advanced Collectives & Archangelic expressions, translating their amazing gifts into physical form for use.  Transmitting quantum energy & frequencies to upgrade the energy body for Ascension. Enabling us to bring our Higher Selves into physicality & finding our multi-dimensional mastery, as intended.
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