HOW to raise your vibration

NOW through dumping interference, building rapport with

higher self, & FAST movement into synchronicity

WITHOUT hitting stagnation, a healing crisis, or spending

years of work & money on TRADITIONAL THERAPY!







CONNECT Blueprint eWorkshop (CONNECT) is a go at your own pace, gentle in-depth flow through key shifting points that allow you to work through things at home & in-between your personal channelled 1-2-1 sessions.

CONNECT will speak different messages to & through you depending where you are at.

CONNECT is for the general public, anyone can participate. All who move through CONNECT eWorkshops do so for their own purposes. Also for those who may know deep down they are naturally drawn to work with others or those already practicing who are looking for remembrance & expansion. If so, then CONNECT is for you.

CONNECT is a simplistic, easy, & affordable way to move into your life with new energy at your own pace. 

CONNECT uses direct & proven ways to access your light faster to begin your journey of sovereignty. It opens up your ability to experience your knowing & remembrance through your light merge. It moves you through the new energy in your own individualised way to bring back your birthright of clarity, connection & empowerment.

CONNECT is full of simple methods that bring ease, understanding, that release & guide you through to the highest now path.





CONNECT is here for you to have remembrance of key-points that allow you to glide over & work through things at home in-between sessions.

Methods that will leave you with a feeling of inner strength, well-being & this, in fact, gets stronger as time goes by.

CONNECT moves through old energy into a higher frequency of ease. Brings focus only to that which pulls you in currently with quick, simple, & easy methods, as a guideline.

Perceived one way today, another way tomorrow, & over time, speaks different messages to & through you.

Your eWorkshop includes 6 modules & over 42+ subjects.


CONNECT Blueprint eWorkshop  @ $395

CONNECT Blueprint eWorkshop | Children@ $185. An optional add-on that supports your child’s ongoing wellness, grounding, calmness & alignment in-between sessions at home. Methods that allow their natural higher vibration.  


It’s highly recommended to work through your modules in order for first run through, after this your eWorkshop can be used in an oracle flow. Should you hit confusion or blocks, then it is time for an interference release Intention is key. Enjoy!







CONNECT brings a greater feeling of inner peace, inner strength & inner confidence due to established positive change through personal growth & spiritual expansion.



CONNECT methods are high-vibrational, powerful, effective quantum techniques that focus on the root cause of issues rather than their symptoms & release issues that other systems may struggle with.

Methods that create deep long lasting effects that relieve the mind, emotion, body & spirit. That bring in clarity & strong ability to make decisions, unlimited thought processes & more objective outlooks that take you to higher levels within your own life.

CONNECT is a simplistic, easy, & affordable way to flow into your life with new energy at your own pace. It is here for any soul who feels directed to know & allow now.

CONNECT gives you the ability to experience your power, knowing & remembrance through your light merge. Bringing you what you need to begin your journey of sovereignty.



CONNECT brings you in direct understanding of how to raise your vibration, connect to source energy & align to light transmissions that develop your merge.

Noticeable changes occur when you become less involved in other people’s lives, feel a greater connection & well-being through strong knowing & insights required for your life journey.

Neutralising negative energy, remove interference, unravel, unblock, release &/or realign the etheric, auric field, 12+ energy centres, meridians, & DNA & allow the body to flow back to its original blueprint.


CONNECT is our natural way forward. A powerful method that allows coherence, natural merge & alignment to your birthright of connection. 

Remember your natural connection & bridge to source so you can build rapport with your higher self, allow your intuition & self trust again. Increase your personal power, activate your Merkabah, expand your aura & allow increased energy & codes for change.

Align to the new energy of empowerment, right-brain consciousness, 3 mind agreement & open heart energetics. Experiencing the profound impact this has on your alignment, joy, contentment & well-being.

CONNECT brings the necessary steps to fulfil your everyday life with a higher energy, enthusiasm & purpose.

CONNECT is universal, it aligns & helps prevents dysfunctions within the biology in all fields, not only that which you are specifically treating at the time. This brings in the empowerment to address any problem, illness or underlying energetic imbalance.

Simple energy techniques throughout your eWorkshop can be used immediately to open, allow & expand in a sovereign way.

You are in the right place, CONNECT is a simple, convenient, affordable way to align, develop remembrance & empowerment of a seasoned energy worker.




No matter how little you understand, building rapport with your higher self  is innate.

You can again allow energy to flow through you & positively change all around you.

The connection is within. We can Connect through self instruction, inner reflection & we can begin now. All energetic alignment transmissions & remembrance can be brought through our inner merge.

CONNECT can be enjoyed from home. It is our connection that aligns us. All experience in different ways, times & the energy is not geographical.

All can attune themselves through CONNECT. Be ready to trust your empowerment, sovereignty, soul path & begin at your own pace. You can now deeply move into a shift at your own pace within your own energy at home.

We are all now gently, & when out of allowance, not so gently, releasing the old energy, left brain, intellectual mind body mindset. There are shifts, adjustments, new ways of perceiving things, yet it needs only take a fraction of the energy, & time that formal traditional therapy & group classes take.

Learning CONNECT does not require efforting, nor for you to be a doctor, scientist, yogi, have a photographic memory or have honours in quantum science.

Almost all founders of the energy healing arts, techniques & modalities have developed them alone, from within, whilst merged with their higher self, infinite intelligence, higher light beings, guides & on.

A simple paradigm shift of alignment, all guided & allowed the knowing to flow through them & went on to help others with this new energy. Hundreds of powerful energy modalities, all beautiful & all here for the variety of souls ready in different vibrations.

No matter how little you understand, moving into your light does not require direct contact or genius ability, it is natural.

The perception about powerful recovery, healing, shifting modalities & techniques has always been traditionally thought to be a long winding path.

One that takes years of learning, patience, practice, effort, dollars & slow gradual step by step movement in, technique by technique, data, data, data, climbing the rungs of mastery…. way there.

We can all remember our innate connection, elevate our vibration, release interference & move into the light at our own pace through the instruction of our higher self & beyond. 

I’m all for the fun of knowledge, studied all my life, yet, it is important that we have a deep understanding that no amount of data could equal the simple connection of knowing. Data can only be old energy & knowing is present now.

CONNECT helps you realise you only need to remember. It is not a modality, more so a remembrance of all that we innately hold.  It can be combined with any modality, technique, & is not pro or con knowledge.

CONNECT shows you direct & proven simplistic ways to move into the light faster than you would ever imagine.


CONNECT Blueprint eWorkshop  @ $395

CONNECT Blueprint eWorkshop | Children@ $185 (optional add-on). Supports your child’s ongoing wellness, grounding, calmness & alignment in-between sessions at home. Methods that allow their natural higher vibration.  

It’s highly recommended to work through your modules in order for first run through, after this your eWorkshop can be used in an oracle flow. Should you hit confusion or blocks, then it is time for an interference release Intention is key. Enjoy!



CONNECT is an easy synchronistic path that flows in for you & will flow even faster with personal channelled intuitive therapy.

There is still a time & place for interference release sessions through channelled therapy.

When fast high vibrational energy is released into our energy fields, all that isn’t a match will rise to the surface for release.

Having an adequate amount of Sessions prior, during & post light frequency downloads is a comfortable way to release interference.

This helps ease, flow & increases the expansion & awareness gained. Light Transmissions are included in your session.  This brings comfort to the process & avoids quantum headaches or landing in bed to sleep off & integrate session.


Having regular sessions further expands your awareness, ease & flow.


Instant sovereignty, empowerment & realisation is not natural, as we are here to allow through joy, movement through & to. However, through connection we quicken our journey & more important bring in the easy, flow & synchronicity to our highest now timeline.


Sessions allows required conduit to assist in lifting the body, mind & spirit to the highest frequency potential.


We can release energy blocks, limitations, resolve & release deep core issues caused by negative inner programming by connecting with our higher self through orbiting.

We have through conditioning learnt to limit our energy, psychic abilities, creativity, mental genius & physical prowess. This creates a feeling of stuck, stagnant, blocked, distorted trauma & emotion covering our natural light, behaviour & causes incoherent energy patterning.


Channelled intuitive therapy sessions release unresolved issues sitting in our energy field.


We now understand the intangible laws of electro-magnetism which will eventually change the way we practice conventional medicine. Meanwhile, many are already using this invisible energy for diagnosis & correction.

Our bodies are made of energetic atoms, including our tissues, cells, organs, emotions, thought patterns & water. All things that produce, emit & receive energy all have their own unique electro magnetic fields. This includes allergens, viruses, bacteria & fungi.


Through inner self reflection & channelled intuitive therapy sessions, we can detect, reduce & correct the imbalances that reside in our bodies & minds.






Disclaimer: All eWorkshop information is not transferable & for Clarity Centre QLD clients only. We do not advise using the information in these eWorkshops without regular sessions & cellular light work to help release interference that rises up. No part of these eWorkshops may be reproduced or utilised in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, & photocopying without written permission from the author. Also, In no way do our modalities replace medical doctors or treatment. All artwork is from the Quantum Art Oracle Collection by Clarity Centre QLD.


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