Shungite EMF Protection

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Shungite is a premier EMF radiation protection stone that helps balance your electromagentic field. A stone that can help keep your energy clear, balanced & protected.

Shungite is a highly efficient stone that has a very strong field that emanates to protect the home & car.

Shungite Pyramids are great for Wi-Fi routers. Shungite also can help protect with computers, microwave ovens, cordless home phones, TV’s & radio alarm clocks etc.

All studies on shungite therapeutic purpose have demonstrated its effectiveness & ability to stimulate immune system defences & re-activate the healing process. Shungite can even be used in water (for limited amounts of time) & in the vegetable crisper (keeps produce fresher longer).

Scientific studies have proved that placing a shungite plate on your cell phone, ipad, laptop etc, can weaken the impact of these radiations in your body.

Shungite Tumbers (smooth round stones) are great for carrying in your pocket at all times. Wonderful for children to fidget with whilst watching any device.

Shungite is known as “The Stone Comforter” in Russia.  They have recovery rooms filled with Shungite, for psycho-emotional correction, adaption, rehabilitation & biofield correction for both adults & children.


Shungite EMF Protectors @ $36 (packet 2) (used for Iphone, Ipad, Computers etc)

Shungite Tumber @ $25 ea (good to carry tumblers in your pocket at all times, great for children.)

Large Shungite Pyramid @ $85 ea (used for Wi-Fi Routers near antenna)

nb: Each year scientists publish journals about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation on human health. The human biofield has an electromagnetic nature & radiation suppresses the biofield and can influence pathogenic to an organism.




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