Quantum Frequency Work

CLARITY CENTRE QLD  | Quantum Frequency Work Quantum Kinesiology Using Quantum frequencies & kinesiology to align the physical, remove interference & follow with DNA upgrade & enhancement. ………. Quantum Kinesiology provides us with in-depth knowledge about our body & enables involuntary responses to be measured. Upon finding the imbalance & stress, we can reduce, correct […]

What is DNA Work?

Clarity Centre QLD | Sonia Wright | DNA Work DNA upgrading & enhancing. With every client our goal is beyond the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual niggles. We address your issues, yes… then we find the interference, so we can release, upgrade & enhance your DNA. Let’s briefly discuss Interference… In clinic, I find prior […]

Reach Your Full Potential

CLARITY Centre | Sonia Wright |  Reach Your Full Potential How do we reach our full potential, our highest path? Although we can all tune into our intuition & the answers are available to us all at all times, do we? Are we listening? Are we trusting? Are we connecting daily? Are we co-creating? Connection […]