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Quantum Kinesiology
Using Quantum frequencies & kinesiology to align the physical, remove interference & follow with DNA upgrade & enhancement.


Quantum Kinesiology provides us with in-depth knowledge about our body & enables involuntary responses to be measured. Upon finding the imbalance & stress, we can reduce, correct & remove them with highest quantum frequencies & sound therapy.

Working as a conduit assists in lifting the body, mind & spirit to the highest frequency potential. We can release energy blocks, limitations, resolve & release deep core issues caused by negative inner programming by connecting with our higher self (through orbiting).

A few benefits of Quantum Kinesiology below:-

  • Removes unresolved issues sitting in our energy field. Our biofields are arranged by our emotions, this includes surface & soul emotion. Soul emotions relate to our survival, they are pandora’s boxes & difficult to transmute, usually carried through lifetimes. As we avoid re-experience of these patterns, the emotion is held in place & becomes stuck, causing deep trauma e.g. repression, anger, grief etc. These layers can easily be fielded & released using quantum frequencies & kinesiology.
  • Human beings limit their energy, psychic abilities, creativity, mental genius & physical prowess when they stay stuck, blocked & distorted within traumatic emotion blocking their natural behaviour, causing incoherent energy patterns.

How Can Frequency Work Help?

” If you could eliminate certain outside frequencies that entered with our bodies, we would have greater resistance toward disease. ”
  • Quantum physicists have discovered the intangible laws of electro-magnetism which will change the way we practice conventional western medicine in the future. Meanwhile, many are already using this invisible energy for diagnosis & correction e.g. kinesiology, acupuncture & more.
  • Our bodies are made of energetic atoms, including our tissues, cells, organs, emotions, thought patterns & water. In short, all things that produce, emit & receive energy all have their own unique electro magnetic fields. This includes allergens, viruses, bacteria & fungi. This is why through these methods we can detect, reduce & correct the imbalances that reside in our bodies & minds.
  • By reading the electrical energies & frequencies via their particular electro magnetic fields through feedback information, we can use certain frequencies to prevent the development of further disease &/or eradicate present issue. This can be done because  healthy tissue responds predictiably & traumatised, inflamed, degenerative tissue produces abnormal readings (every disease has a frequency).
  • Many have used the method, including Dr Rife, Tesla & Bruce Traino, some using electromyography (muscle tension) & neuro feedback (brain wave activity) & other methods through biofeedback machines***.

However… This can now be done through Quantum Kinesiology.

  • Peace, Joy & Love is our divine birthright & transmitting these frequencies upgrade the energy body for ascension.

about light frequencies…. read more 

***Biofeedback machines were successful with 86.5% cured of cancer & the remaining patients where further tested & under went additional treatment; they too were cured. This meant, an astounding 100% of patients in the program where cured from cancer. Dr Rife, similar to Nikola Tesla’s fate, had his research stolen & machine destroyed. The work influenced hundreds of researchers to study frequencies in relation to disease.  Bruce Tainio (1992) built another frequency monitor & discovered the healthy body MHz frequency is between 62 to 72, when this frequency drops our immune is compromised & disease develops. 

“Everything is made of items including animals, plants, water as are all things that produce, emit & receive energy”.
  • Each toxic substance depolarises the cell & distorts the negative equilibrium that exists in the cellular level. This leads to physical, psychological, emotional & spiritual diseases. The healthy human body is 62-78 MHZ, normal brain frequency range is 72-90MHZ, genius brain frequency is 80-82MHZ.
  • A diseased body starts at 58MHz, colds & flu start at 57-60MHz. We are receptive to Epstein Barr at 52MHz & to cancer at 42MHz. Death begins at 25MHz. Pollutants lower healthy body frequency, processed & canned foods tend to have a frequency of zero. Fresh produce has up to 15MHz, dried herbs are 12-22MHZ & fresh herbs are 20-27 MHZ.
Frequency work work is part of your Quantum Kinesiology session.




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