What is DNA Work?

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DNA upgrading & enhancing. With every client our goal is beyond the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual niggles. We address your issues, yes… then we find the interference, so we can release, upgrade & enhance your DNA.

Let’s briefly discuss Interference…

In clinic, I find prior addressing the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual issue, the interferance needs to be seen.  This is where the true changes begin.

What is interference? 

There is a range of interferance issues, a few common issues below:

  • Physical issues (e.g. under-nourished, un-grounded, heavy metals, allopathic issues, undiagnosed illness etc);
  • Emotional/Mental issues (e.g.  belief systems, stuck emotion, programmes, thought forms, twisted perception, walls, blocks, fear, imprinted ideas etc); &
  • Spiritual issues (e.g. disconnection, reversed polarities, implants, seals, unjustified karma, genetic/ancestral gunk, comm lines/cords, past life issues etc)

…& on the list goes, its long.

DNA Upgrades/Enhancements

Upgrading DNA involves many things all dependant on each individual. This can include (not limited to): anchoring our emotional body into our higher self through orbiting, dropping our karma, collapsing timelines, realigning & recoding the matrix, activating awareness, replacing protons, integrating chromosomes & so on.

Also includes removing negative programming, overlays, implants & seals. We have many ways to do this including using stellar gateways & light frequencies now available, each individual case is different.

Once the upgrades are complete we can then enhance our DNA. This is done through identifying genomes cells that require rearranging, removing genetic ancestral gunk, reintegrating etheric strands, replacing dysfunctional DNA, bringing in structural support for the change & reuniting with higher frequencies & energy systems.

DNA work is part of your Quantum Kinesiology session.




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