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Quantum Kinesiology is a powerful way to find out where the stresses, interference & imbalances lie. Using various subtle energy techniques that help release blockages & stress. This results in a balanced mind, body & spirit.


Quantum Kinesiology uses a bio-feedback technique called “muscle monitoring” to receive information via the nerve pathways & meridians of the brain & body, known as our subconscious. We also use frequencies & source plasma energy to remove large blocks. We can clear energy required for result needed, including surrogating home, car, personal objects & of course the physical, ethical, biofields & the light body etc.

Quantum Kinesiology includes: subtle energy, neurological, nutritional, emotional, structural, physiological balance, intolerance removal, DNA upgrade & enhancement, ketheric matrix gateway work … as well as quantum hypnotherapy, biofield sound therapy, chakra & meridian work, blueprint integration, energy boundaries, pellowah & all can also be administered through distance healing.

We use many methods within your Quantum Kinesiology session, just a few below:-

Our unconscious & subconscious holds our memories, beliefs & information about our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual being. Knowledge & correction of these blocks & imbalances reactivates the body’s natural inbuilt healing process. Energy work recognises the body, mind, spirit & integrates oriental medicine & modern science… read more

nb: We offer QK by distance – great for sleeping children, elderly, weak, hospitalised, animals, or those whom just prefer to stay home. QK vibration is not limited by space, time, distance or consciousness. Subject can be asleep. It is as powerful as if you were in my healing room on my table.

Quantum Kinesiology Session

A basic Quantum Kinesiology session takes 60-90 minutes.

PRIOR – Please send optimal requirements within email prior your session, if you feel directed. In studio – Please drink water & place mobile on silent or aeroplane mode. By Distance – Please switch phone to silent, remove noise, have privacy, lie down in relaxed postiion (pref. on back), allow time after session ending relax time.

DURING – Once you arrive we move, fully clothed/shoes off, to the massage table, all chatting can be done from there whilst I begin session. Each session is called a ‘balance’ & our ultimate goal is to align all aspects into Balance.  QK energy work is gentle, the body gauges methods required during session, result is powerful.

AFTER – Following a balance it’s important to drink plenty of water, & be gentle on yourself.  You can rest & relax for as long as you like, including sleeping for the rest of the day.  No matter your feelings, responses or lack of, this work has & will continue to occur. Most report feeling lighter & less weighed down upon finishing a session….read more.


QK Session – 1.5 hrs @$185 per session (clinic or by phone) 

QK Distance Session – 1 hr @ $125 per session (by phone only)

QK Distance Session Add On – 30 mins @ $60 (by phone only)

QK Session includes: Quantum Kinesiology – Plus  (depending body read) interference removal, DNA upgrade & enhancement. Plus depending body reading:  biofield sound therapy, blueprint integration, frequency work, chakra & meridian alignment, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, Release Technique RT, Psychotherapy, Distance Work (Distance is as powerful as if you were in my healing room on my table), Quantum Hypnotherapy, Eriksonian Hypnotherapy, Regression, Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP, Time Line Work, Consciousness Transformation Technique CTT, Surrogating & depending body reads QHHT may even be required etc… read more 





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