What are Light Frequencies?

CLARITY CENTRE QLD  | What are Light Frequencies?

Light frequencies are high vibrational light transmissions.

In summary…
  • They restore & align you to your original blueprint, source self;
  • There are numerous frequencies & many more have arrived in full strength since the equinox’s;
  • We can now drop our karma, ascend & the light frequencies are here to make this transition readily obtainable & comfortable;
  • They reverse interference to your template, blueprint, vibration, removing negativity & thoughtforms that keeps you at a low vibration & allow the consciousness to expand its awareness;
  • They are a catalyst for deep change & harmony, upon resonance & integration;
  • They are from high frequency bands, some higher than others, they can be ancient, they can be new, all is dependant on soul receiving.
  • They transform, transmute, align & expand energy fields, the matrix, quantum codes & lift you into source fields.
  • Light frequencies come through in exactly the way each requires for upgrading, restoring & work in cooperation with your higher self.
  • Humanity is slowly moving out of the divine masculine oriented ways of left-brain mindset, the focus of intellectual mind/body development. Instead, move into the divine feminine empowerment, using the ways of the right-brain consciousness & heart space.

When fast high vibrational energy is released into our energy fields, anything that isn’t a match will rise to the surface to be released. Having an adequate amount of Quantum Kinesiology prior a light frequency download is a comfortable way to release interference.

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