Simple, quick, summarised key point e-books that allow you to work through things at home in-between sessions.

  • Are summarised key points that allow you to work through your QK integration at home & in-between sessions;
  • Bring flow to moving through old energy into a higher frequency of ease;
  • Can be perceived one way today, another way tomorrow, & as you re-read over time, the information will speak different messages to & through you;
  • Are here for you to have remembrance of key-points from your session;
  • Are there to glide over & bring focus only to that which pulls you in currently;
  • Give you quick easy methods, as a guideline only; &
  • Bring understanding, so you can move through new energy in your own individualised way.

It’s highly recommended to work through your E-books in number order. Enjoy!


BUNDLE E-Books by Clarity @ $80 (all 4 E-books), Bridge, Calling, Awakening & Knowing. Note: If buying a bundle, please take the direction of when to start each book from your QK session. (bundle only applies when bought up-front).


BRIDGE E-Book 1 by Clarity @ $25, Breathe, Co-create, Transmute, Forgive, Gratitude & Ground. 

CALLING E-Book 2 by Clarity @ $25, Present Now Moment, Passion, Sovereignty, Empowerment, Asking, & Chambers. 

AWAKENING E-Book 3 by Clarity @ $25, Writing, Akash, Aspects, Parts & Pieces, Sound, Energy, Commands, Gateway, Frequency & Be Your Light. 


KNOWING E-Book 4 by Clarity @ $25, Trust, Empathy, Fear, Guilt, Worthy, Soul Work & Allow.


BEING E-Book 5 by Clarity (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) @ $25, Divinity, Soul-Space, Capacity, Begin, Understand, Know, Untapped, Prepared, Move up Scale, Guide, Channel & Journey.


CHILDREN E-book 6 by Clarity @ $25, Growth, Parents Love, Words are Gifts, Freedom Fighters, Stories, Little Trancers, Ground Up, Hypnosis, Noise is Good, Tiny Power, The New Children, The Gateway, & QK Response. 





Disclaimer: All E-book information is copyright, non-transferable & is created for Clarity Centre QLD QK clients only. We do not advise to use the information in this E-book or E-Cards without regular QK sessions to help release interference that rises up. Also, in no way do our modalities replace medical doctors or treatment.