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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How can a Guided Session help me?

A. Sessions give you a sense of expansion & align your best path. They bring relief as you embrace a positive future through identifying & removing your interference.

Sessions are so clarifying in those times when we are in a state of disconnectedness due to life events, opinions, fears, beliefs & perceptions. They release the stress that can tarnish our discernment & briefly disassociate us from our intuition.

Your session builds rapport with your higher self. The connection is called many things, no matter what you wish to call it, making that connection is what matters. This connection can be bridged once we release your interference.

You can release interference. In summary, they drop your negative programs, belief systems, thought forms, imprints & uncovering the emotions that hold these in place. This brings relief, peace, a sense of expansion.

Whilst aligning you to your highest vibration & path, your experiences synchronistically line up with your desire. This balance keeps you on track & heads you towards your fastest & most positive path.


Sessions are relaxing & all remark on how light, uplifted & peaceful they feel afterward.


In the process of allowing, we can move into the light &…

  • Release shadow, interference, blockages & spin;
  • Shift your beliefs, perspectives & emotions;
  • Look at your boundaries & sovereignty;
  • Power up your allowance, surrender & embrace ease;
  • Balance empowerment, love & trust areas;
  • Remove needless worry, anxiety & drama;
  • Increase clarity, confidence, & worthiness;
  • Build personal presence & connection with others;
  • Ground, align & keep energy centres balanced regardless of energy pull;
  • Work with the physical body & subtle energy fields;
  • Enhance self-belief, self-worth, inner knowing & trust;
  • Dissolve self-criticism, self-doubt, & lack paradigms;
  • Alleviate physical, mental, emotional & spiritual conditions;
  • Re-instate your blueprint, highest timeline & enhance DNA;
  • Bring in 3 mind agreement through the unconscious, subconscious & conscious mind;
  • Align to light, call in the higher realm & open remembrance of your authentic self;
  • Build rapport with higher & multidimensional self & receive blessings; &
  • Ultimately bring back your natural high vibrating state of contentment, peace abundance & joy.






Q: How Does a Guided Session Work?


A: All Sessions are aligned strongly with channelled intuitive therapy, quantum kinesiology, hypnotherapy, psychK, NLP, counselling, EFT, biofield sound, energy work, merge energetics, reiki, pellowah, light codes & transmissions.

Methods used allow a conscious merge between the higher self of both souls within session, or if using surrogacy, between 3 souls.

Physical, emotional, mental conflict, interference & trauma can be addressed & transmuted through 3 mind agreement of the unconscious, subconscious & conscious mind. Sessions bypass the healing crisis issues.

Your Session is an empowering divine light experience. A strong energetic dialogue will help you with any query you have, personal or general in nature.


The soul responds to the release of interference. It naturally raises our frequency & vibration, then all we desire exists, with no efforting.
We can only perceive that which we are in vibration with.
We can be there now.



Q. What methods are used in a Guided Session?

A. Many leading edge therapeutic methods, modalities & techniques are used, depending body read (to qualify highest alignment), to name a few may include:

Quantum Kinesiology & Quantum Hypnotherapy, Channelled Intuitive Therapy, Psych K, NLP, Counselling, EFT, Biofield Sound Therapy, Rife Frequencies, Scalar, Biofield Energy System (EES), QHHT, Energy Work, Pellowah, Theta, Reiki, Light Codes, Transmissions & on….. see more



Q: Can I meet you Personally?


A. All private Channelled Therapy  (CT) & Quantum Kinesiology (QK) sessions, also include distance energy work, hypnotherapy, sound & are held either by-phone or by-rest/sleep.

You can be located anywhere in the world & book a private distance session.

The healing vibration is not limited by space, time, distance or consciousness. Subject can be awake or asleep & session work is more effective & powerful by distance than in-person.


The healing vibration is not limited by space, time, distance or consciousness. Your By-Phone, By-Rest or By-Sleep Session is powerful & significantly more effective than in-person. 



Q: What is a By-Phone Guided Session?


A.  Your By-Phone sessions are suitable for all & balance your entire being. Your session can also be specific to health, joy, abundance &/or home, business & personal clearings.

Prior your session, you’re welcome to prepare a list of top 3 things you wish to work with. However, as all is in your field, its not necessary.

It’s best to have your phone fully charged, on silent ring tone, vibrate off, use headphones & have phone off charger during session;

Prepare yourself some water. Find yourself a comfortable quiet relaxing space away from interruptions & prepare for your session with breath.I will call you at session time on the number provided upon booking.



Q: What is a By-Rest/Sleep Guided Session?


A.  Your By-Rest/Sleep sessions are suitable for… in-utero, pregnancy, newborns, children, hospitalised, coma’s, severe illness, surgery or emergencies, elderly, agoraphobic, current passings, pets & time zone or phone restrictions.

Prior your session, you’re welcome to prepare a list of top 3 things you wish to work with. However, all is in your field & if you prefer to allow session, all will be done regardless.

Before you rest or sleep for session, drink a little water & then begin sleep for the night. Or find a comfortable quiet space away from interruptions to lay down & prepare for your session with breath. I will begin your session time right on our appointment time.



Q: Are these Private Guided Sessions a type of Healing?


A. Sessions allow souls to lift into their highest vibrational frequency & timeline that is biologically possible within session flow.

During your session, an elevated consciousness provides insight on your authentic need. This higher state brings clarity to any issue you have & releases questions you have into your inner knowing, through yourself.

Sessions also allow a gentle integration outside of session to begin & continue afterward. All sessions work to empower the soul, & bring remembrance. Eventually, clients bring in their own higher self knowing & guidance. No longer requiring all their questions answered by another.





Q: How can my young child speak with you By-Phone?


A. By-Phone surrogacy work is wonderful when working with unborn children, babies, or anyone who is unable to communicate their message. Also for working with clearing personal objects, cars, homes, property & business residences & on.

Surrogacy means ‘a substitute’. Surrogacy is not required for By Sleep/Rest Sessions as we go direct. Surrogate work is done when one person stands in (energetically) to do the healing for another. Wonderful for young children, or anyone unable to communicate (for whatever reason). Simply, bringing the energy of the absent client into the surrogate.

All who are unable to attend, not only children, also in-utero, newborns, hospitalised, severely ill, in-surgery, coma, emergencies, elderly, current passings, agoraphobic, time zone/phone restricted & pets can be worked with.


Q: How do Light Transmissions Work in a Guided Session?


A: Light codes are conduited through the higher self & commanded into the body with fast & profound results.

These light transmissions & codes help align, repair & resolve any ailments or karmic imprints. Light Codes can be used on physical injuries & results are quick or gradual depending on the soul’s energy. Any physical, emotional, mental ailment or etheric issue can be addressed & worked on.

Positive change can be instantaneous or gradual depending on the individual’s biology, interference levels, vibration & consciousnesssee light therapy.

Everything is energy & that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want & you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not a philosophy, this is physics.  Albert Einstein


Q: Can my future be predicted?


A: Yes, due to the method releasing past restrictive interfering energy & the conduit of light code transmissions, intuitive channeled sessions can predict the highest probability timelines. However, the future is dependent on free will.

Sonia will intuitively assist you & consciously channel/conduit through your higher path forward, rather than read old probabilities that the soul would have walked through.

It is more valuable to release interference & past energy which allows you to flow into your highest timeline, & bring light into future paths.

Sessions are not labeled as a psychic readings, yet they release the soul into its divine purpose of self-empowerment & support. Sessions gently move you into bringing in your own answers from your higher realms. Sessions sift through timelines, helping you understand higher journey probability. Allowing a path of ease & grace that may have been unseen due to old interference.



Q: How does the Akashic record read work?


A: Channelled Therapy work receives information directly from Akashic records, when required, depending upon body read.

What is brought in is always only to release interference & is based on soul lifetimes, or additional information regarding soul aspects, archives & all brought through conduit.

Channelled work locates, brings to surface & dissolves any shadow or stagnant interference that does not serve the soul. All is transmuted into light or dissolved.

Intuitive guidance & interference release conduited through session allows the soul to activate & align new energy, time capsules & aspects (parts & pieces) of self. This brings synchronicity, potential, contentment, joy  & peace within every area of your life.



Q: Should I prepare questions for my Guided Session?


A: You can certainly prepare, however, source will direct the session no matter how it has begun. No matter your questions, you will receive the answers that are best for your soul growth.

All questions will be answered regardless, as source tends to clear & align the energy behind the question & you leave the session with a knowing.



Q: How many Guided Sessions do I need? 


Follow-up session is dependant on the client. Single treatments are very successful & profound.

Some have such noticeable shifts from first session & feel they are done. However, there is great benefit of multiple sessions, as layers are healed. Healing does occur in stages. If you have a chronic illness, it is best to have sessions in close succession preferably.

Otherwise, I leave it to the clients intuition when it is time to come, all know.







Those interested in booking a private personal channelled intuitive therapy session, please see link below…


**Disclaimer : ALL sessions in total are NOT intended to replace medical, legal or professional help, & are to be used for entertainment purposes ONLY 🤍**