How can Clarity Centre QLD help you?

HOW CAN CLARITY CENTRE QLD HELP YOU? Through use of leading edge therapeutic methods & modalities, including: Quantum Kinesiology & Hypnotherapy, Psych K, NLP, Psychotherapy, EFT, Biofield Sound Therapy, Light Codes & Transmissions, Rife Frequencies, Energy Work (Reiki, Pellowah, Gateway, Ketheric, Theta), QHHT, & Channelled Intuitive Therapy. We can all self-heal at any time. In the […]

Channelled Therapy

CLARITY Centre QLD |  CHANNELLED THERAPY Channelled Therapy (CT) helps you gain clarity, brings a sense of expansion & align your path. CT is a conduit blend of channeling, intuitive energy work, light transmissions, frequencies, & for me personally, clairaudience psychic read. CT is beneficial for pinpointing fastest, clearest path to transmute interference & allow higher […]


CLARITY CENTRE QLD | E-Books Simple, quick, summarised key point e-books that allow you to work through things at home & in-between sessions. How Can E-Books Help? E-Books are summarised key points that allow you to work through your QK integration at home & in-between sessions; E-Books bring flow to moving through old energy into […]

About Sonia

CLARITY CENTRE QLD | ABOUT SONIA Sonia is ultimately a channeller & intuitive energy worker. Bringing through clear guidance from creator consciousness, your higher self & conduits many modalities (depending body read). She serves by creating a loving connection for the soul, their higher realm entourage & bringing through the most relevant messages for each […]


CLARITY CENTRE | TESTIMONIALS   Today I experienced a quantum healing session with Sonia at the Clarity Centre, Brisbane to say it is life changing is an under statement. I didn’t know what to expect from the session, it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. To put it in context I am […]


CLARITY CENTRE QLD | LIGHT THERAPY Light transmissions raise your frequency & with help clear stuck energy, raise vibration, all within the cellular structure & matrix coding. Using sound, symbols to help the collective release for all. Environment will be protected, sacred space & energy sent for the highest alignment in their highest now. No […]

Conscious Transformation Technique

CLARITY CENTRE QLD | CONSCIOUS TRANSFORMATION TECHNIQUE Conscious Transformation Technique (CTT) works with a timeline technique. A very effective technique for releasing blockages around emotional trauma, unwanted thoughts, emotions & behaviours.   CTT is a fast timeline hypnotic regression technique that works at the unconscious level.  …………………… How can Conscious Transformation Technique (CTT) Help? CTT  helps […]