DNA Upgrade/Enhancement & Removing Interference

Clarity Centre QLD | Sonia Wright | DNA Upgrade / Enhancement & Removing Interference    With every client our goal is beyond the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual niggles. We want to address your issue, find the interference & then once cleared, upgrade & enhance your DNA.   Let’s briefly discuss Interference… In my clinic […]

Quantum Frequency Work

Quantum Frequency Work | Sonia Wright | Clarity Centre QLD Using Quantum frequencies & kinesiology to align the physical, remove interference & follow with upgrading & enhancing the DNA. Quantum Kinesiology provides us with in-depth knowledge about our body & enables involuntary responses to be measured. Upon finding the imbalance & stress, we can reduce, correct […]

Chakra Energy Work

CLARITY CENTRE QLD | SONIA WRIGHT | Chakra Energy Work Chakra Energy Work involves balancing your chakra’s & aura to create manifestation & change alignment with your highest potential, the strongest & most powerful pathway for you.   Think of chakras as your own little personal orchestra. Chakras are the speakers, & the aura is the […]

Meridian Energy Work

CLARITY CENTRE QLD | Sonia Wright | Meridian Energy Work Modern science is now proving what healers for thousands of years ago have always known, that meridian energy pathways are vital to your health.   The meridians in your body are energy pathways through which qi (chi) and blood flows continuously. When the qi flowing […]

Biofield Sound Therapy

CLARITY Centre | Sonia Wright | Biofield Sound Therapy Biofield Sound Therapy   Biofield Therapy is a groundbreaking therapeutic method that uses sound to relax & reset the central nervous system. Sound is an ancient healing medium that has been utilised around the globe for thousands of years.  Biofield Tuning (also known as “sound balancing”) is a sound therapy […]