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Core Star Work is the clearing, removing & cutting of various energetic & ancestral distortions that are related to negative & unreality cords that drain huge amounts of energy as a means of control.

The clearing & removing of energetic distortions that create drama, discordance, chaos, anger & other negative energies. A huge energetic cleanse that dramatically shifts your energetic body, physical body & your daily life.

Without having the restrictions of your chakras, you will no longer experience energy drain from your environment & people, & you will have much faster & direct access to your higher self & source energies. This is a very important step in your spiritual evolution though many are not ready for this.

Core Star Work is simplification of the meridian & chakra systems into 2 core chakras & 4 meridians. The gathering & merging of the energies of each chakra one at a time into your core star which is located above your solar plexus. This modality can be used once you have moved past your main life lessons. Please keep in mind that you may not be ready yet spiritually to merge your chakras into your core star & instead we can work on your path of self-actualisation prior. NB: This method is also known as a DNA upgrade; also known as an Avatar Activation.


Your Core Star Session


A Core Star Session takes approx 1.5 hours (please allow extra time should we flow over). This session is still under the heading of Quantum Kinesiology.

DURING – Once you arrive we find your optimal goal. Then we move, fully clothed/shoes off, to the massage table. Each session is called a ‘balance’ meaning the ultimate goal is to bring every aspect of you into balance.  Energy Work is gentle, however result is powerful. Core Star Work is simplifying the subtle energy systems, it has a powerful outcome.

AFTER – During the three days following a balance it’s important to drink plenty of water, & be gentle on yourself. Most clients report feeling lighter & less weighed down upon finishing a session.




nb: core star work is within the quantum kinesiology session

Quantum Kinesiology Session (1.5 hours @ $150 per session)

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