CLARITY CENTRE QLD | Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How Does a QK Session Work

A: QK Sessions are aligned strongly with quantum kinesiology, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy/psych K, light transmissions, QHHT methods & more.

In a private session, Sonia will naturally interact with you (similar feel to an intuitive reading). However, she is consciously merging a connection between the higher selves (I am Presence) of both souls.

A QK Session is a powerful divine light experience. A strong energetic dialogue will help you with any query you have, personal or general in nature.



QK work releases interference, this naturally raises our frequency & vibration, then all we desire exists, with no efforting. We can only perceive that which we are in vibration with. With QK, we can be there now.



Q: How do Light Transmissions work through the QK Session?

A: Any physical, emotional, mental interference or conflict you have can be addressed & worked on via 3 mind agreement (unconscious, subconscious & conscious mind).

Light codes are transmitted through a conduit from Source & placed by command into your energy bodies where the effects of positive change can be instantaneous or gradual depending on the individual’s biology & consciousness requirements, this bypasses any healing crisis.


Q: How does the Akashic record reading work through a session?

A: Sonia works with your energy & receives information directly from the Akashic records when required. This can be based on past/future lifetimes or additional information regarding soul archives & all information is provided to you through Sonia from the consciousness of the Akashic Records.

Sonia works with the depths of your being to assist in bringing elements of the interference (shadow self/barriers) to the surface. The conditioning of your entire life situation is addressed simply through channeled techniques that conduit from source & simply locate, transmute, release, or dissolved all that does not serve.

Intuitive guidance procedures that conduit through Sonia to assist in bringing aspects, parts & pieces of yourself into a state of alignment. This brings great potential for your contentment within the family, career, relationships, finances & on.

Q: Are these private QK Sessions a type of psychic reading?

Sessions with Sonia are not your traditional run-of-the-mill psychic readings. Sonia will intuitively assist you & consciously channel/conduit through keys to your path forward.

QK Sessions aim to invite all souls to lift into their highest vibrational frequency to its highest state biologically possible at the time of the session, with integration to continue afterward.

This higher state releases questions you have into your inner knowing, through yourself. Sonia brings clarity to any issue you have. However QK sessions work to empower the soul, so eventually, the clients can bring in their guides rather than have all their questions answered by another.

It is most effective when you flow with the session in a higher space where all is known. When channeling I lift myself up to elevated consciousness and can provide insight on whatever I want, and I want to help you to get to that space as that’s the most important thing to witness in a session with me.”

Q: Can my future be predicted?

A: Yes, intuitive channeled sessions can predict the highest probability timelines. Yet, due to the release of past restriction/interference & light code transmissions. It becomes more valuable to come into your highest timeline, release past energy paths & bring light into future paths rather than read old probabilities that the soul would have walked into.

These QK sessions are not labeled as a psychic reading per se. Due to the purpose of bringing in self-empowerment, support & gently moving you into bringing in your own answers from your higher realms (through QK Sessions & Clarity E-books). The future is never set & your QK private session informs you of the variety of futures that help you understand where you would like to journey rather than being told about only one set path.

QK Sessions bring in understanding many concepts to light that was prior kept unseen due to old interference, thought-forms, belief systems & ancestral DNA.

Each question is a question of validity to help understand what one’s past and/or future reveal for them through the conduit of mentorship.


Q: Should I prepare questions for my session & email questions I want to ask?

A: You can certainly prepare your session in any way you deem appropriate. 

However, source will direct the session no matter how it has begun  & no matter the questions. Also, all questions will be answered regardless, as source knows your questions. 

Q: What are Light Transmissions?

A: Light transmissions (light code remote healings) are released during your QK sessions. Any physical, emotional, mental ailment can be addressed & worked on through direct light code connections through Source with fast & profound results.

Light transmissions simply involve Sonia connection direction with source, light codes are commanded into the body & these codes help align & resolve any ailments & repairs, its karmic imprint as well. Light Codes can be used on physical injuries & results are quick or gradual depending on the soul’s energy. See light transmissions.


Q: How are QK Sessions done?

A: QK private Sessions are done by-phone or by-sleep.

By-Phone sessions balance entire being, however, your session can be specific to health, joy, abundance & home/business clearings.

By-Sleep sessions are best for Newborns to 12 year olds (incl. in-utero), coma’s/ hospitalised health emergencies & current passings.

Healing vibration is not limited by space, time, distance or consciousness. Subject can even be asleep. It is as powerful as if you were in my healing room on my table, & significantly more effective than in-person.




Everything is energy & that’s all there is to it.

Match the frequency of the reality you want & you cannot help but get that reality.

It can be no other way.

This is not a philosophy, this is physics.- Einstein