Divine Clearing



Divine Clearings release all required from yourself, your space or your loved one that is not in your highest good. The time comes for every being to release baggage & step into realisation.

QK session & process utilises the energy of your higher self, guides, angels, entourage & on.

QK works on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & on). Most of the work takes place on another dimension, there is no need for you to be awake, aware or involved.


During a divine clearing, only love, light & peace are transferred to you. 


Some people report feeling physical sensations such as pressure, heat, lightness or a jerking movement. There is no discomfort, usually, you will not even be aware of what is being done on your behalf.

Upon freeing interference & their influence,  it’s easier to raise your vibrational frequency


Divine Clearings work through, dissolve & balance. The work is sovereign.

We can remove, in entirety, all attached to our physical self, family, friends, & others. We can do this with the positive staying in place.

Simple release of the bumps in your life created through bad habits, genome, DNA, learned behaviour, emotion, beliefs, paradigms, filters, misunderstanding & non-allowance of source in our life.

Place your order & ask for a benevolent outcome of your situation. 


Balancing, dissolving & release of attachments, cords, discarnates, karma, portals, contracts, vows, seals, implants, blocks, timelines, fear, confusion, thoughtforms, etheric negativity, elementals, entities, overlays, strand helix upgrades, addictions, sovereignty, soul loss & on.

It eventually seeps into the cells, the youth process requires you to choose balance & release who you think you were/are. Transmute daily & allow the new energy.  We can choose to release carrying old energy, wallowing in drama.


  1. Your part is to simply release; &
  2. Say….I unconsciously know how to solve this problem, I am free. All is well. Everything always works out for me, Everything in my world is beautiful, joyful, benevolent, & fun. I let go of all that is not mine & that does not serve me. I allow; then
  3. Breathe.

When we allow, feel deserving, we can awaken & balance, it’s our birthright.



There are many benefits to this practice of clearing your space, home, business & self.

Creating a peaceful home, work environment, place of sleep to bring balanced wellbeing.

Very helpful upon moving into a new home & selling one. Benefits businesses in both efficiency, productivity & staff morale when negativity is removed.

The shift is quickening on earth currently & many are awakening. Drawn to commence their journeys of realisation, letting go of negativity, old energy, & subconscious past clutter.

Divine clearings work through QK (quantum kinesiology), surrogacy & connecting source energy. Using divine white light to facilitate fast thorough results & simple tools to align & balance energy.

Our most common requirements are families with children, as usually children are more sensitive & therefore affected by the home. Another common complaint is occupants just feel excessively drained, tired, have trouble sleeping, may feel some rooms are cold or heavy in certain areas, & on.

A simple process, a normal event & all will be brought back into alignment swiftly.

Many things can bring your home, work or business space out of alignment, to name a few:

  1. Electromagnetic Frequencies/Radiation EMF/EMR/EHS & Geopathic Stress – Underground streams, sewers, water pipes, electricity, mineral formations/ deposits (coal, oil, iron), geological fault lines, man made structures (tunnels/underground railways/motorway cuttings/ embankments/ bridges/ quarries/ tunnels/mines/ bunkers/caverns), steel pilings, metal fence post, road sign stakes, buried gas, electricity & water mains, building foundation/structure, towers… more here;
  2. Clutter – Physical, Emotional, Mental (Unresolved Issues) & Spiritual – Etheric Negativity (below);
  3. Spiritual – Clearing any Cording, Discarnates, Entities, Indigenous Burial Sites, Portals, Dimensional Tears, Negative Elementals etc from around your energy field/space. It’s good to over-light the land & ground the inhabitants also.

QK is a powerful method to clear all required, land & check for GS, ley lines etc. The home/business/occupants are all blessed. All done through one inhabitant of the home through distance QK.

Upon completion, use sage, transmuting & sovereignty to keep your home, workplace & self energetically clean.

Divine Clearings are Source led & will depend on your body read.



It’s next to impossible to turn your thoughts in a positive direction if you’ve got one or more attachments, entities & on/inside you.

Helps you kick habitual patterns, addictions, behavioural issues that keep you down, in a spin, in groundhog day…no matter what you do.

Each individual is unique in terms of the awakening process.



Most report feeling lighter & less weighed down upon finishing a QK session. No matter your feelings, response or lack of, this work continues to occur after your session.

  1. Drink plenty of pure water, this is best after energetic assistance & moving your life forward.
  2. Be easy with yourself after your QK session. As your body cleanses the remaining toxicity, energetic debris & moves into change at a pace that is best for you.
  3. It’s for your highest good to release from being bombarded with the TV, radio, internet, movies, netflick’s & on after your session
  4. This work is not a passive process. Pay close attention, if you notice any negative thought, simply intervene & transmute. This brings immediate positive direction.
  5. Occasionally, after a session you may experience tiredness due to energetic shifts. Some may experience emotion, relief, release (tears) – or – extreme joy, increased vivid dream activity, changes in your body & on.  Reactions are transient, last only a few seconds, minutes, hours or days – integration depending. If this occurs, & after it subsides, you may experience a renewed sense of balance, energy & health. Most have absolutely no side effects whatsoever;
  6. It is recommended to sage your home & know all is well :- )




QK does the big interference release in the divine clearing & then space clearing maintenance via intention & action is wonderful.

Sage is an effective purifying method of balancing, cleansing ions & impurities from body, mind, space, via burning or spraying. Occasionally you may require a deeper QK divine clearing, please mention in session.

  1. Breathe, co-create & transmute;
  2. Spray/smudge your aura & environment using anticlockwise motions;
  3. With intention & breath;
  4. Say…‘I release all energy that no longer serves me, all negativity that surrounds me, all fears that limit me & I transmute all back to original senders with love, aligned & so it is‘.


  1. 150 ml bottle of distilled water (fill 3/4 of bottle);
  2. Essential Oils – Sage or White Sage (20 drops) + Frankincense (10 drops);
  3. Piece of Sage & a Crystal (optional –Nuummite, Shungite, Clear Quartz);
  4. Pinch of Sea Salt;
  5. Vodka, Ethanol or Witch Hazel (can be sticky).
  6. Add all to the bottle & top up with vodka (ethanol or witch hazel).
  7. Place bottle between both hands, imagine white light engulfing bottle, & say…I call in my entourage & spirit guides to imbue spray with healing & cleansing properties, now, thank you.