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Our Frequency is the most important thing we can work on right now. Raising our vibration is our highest now timeline moment.
We are moving into a future time where we will evolve & vibrate at a level higher than any disease, & there will come a time in generation after generation of an evolved human consciousness where the absence of disease will begin to be reported. A disease free generation is coming due to consciousness & not medicine.
Currently many don’t fully understand that consciousness has energy that can affect the planet, humanity & that energy is light. It is increasing, has been slow, however now, it’s quickening.


Source can lead you into this process, place your hand on your heart to signal to your body that something is coming in.
  1. Breathe; &
  2. Ask….Dear Source, are you there  Spirit are you there, is it true that you are always there? (some may feel the chills of a yes, either way, you are heard);
  3. Say…Tell me what it is that I need to know through intuition, knowing, & compassion. Let it come to me as a child of source. Give me peace that passes all understanding. I walk from this moment into my life different today & pass my peace on to my loved ones, family, children, friends, colleagues, strangers.
  4. cont….Allow others to know my whole soul peace, without me speaking, in their knowing of the peace within my entire soul, they too shall have a vibrational shift. I am here for this now. 
  5. cont…Creative source, higher self, take my hand, outstretch hand, hold onto it & don’t let go. Let this be a life changer for me right now. The beginning of something special for the rest of my life because I recognise the reality of the compassion of source for me.  So be it, let it be, it is complete & so it is



The Schumann resonance is a documented frequency of the planet 7.8 Hertz, a few years ago it spiked up to as high as 15-25 Hertz.  Recently, the Schumann Resonance has reached frequencies of 36 Hertz.
Changes in our entire solar system & Sun itself have taken place that are directly affecting us. We are affected as we have our own frequency, the human body resonates at approx 5 Hertz & over the past few years increased to highest 10 Hertz (individual thing).
Science says when we’re out of sync with the Earth’s resonance, we begin to exhibit signs of discomfort & anxiety. Insomnia, illness & suppressed immune systems. When humans synced with 7.83 Hertz & above, health & vitality takes place as the body is able to heal & increase its vitality
Science believes that humans when acting on a collective consciousness level can affect the structure of the magnetic field. How & what you manifest what you’re doing, what you believe about everything in your life actually affects the Quantum Field which then directly responds to you & you are one.


Quantum Kinesiology provides us with in-depth knowledge about our body & enables involuntary responses to be measured. Upon finding the imbalance & stress, we can reduce, correct & remove them with high quantum frequencies & sound therapy.
Quantum frequencies & kinesiology align the physical, remove interference & bring DNA upgrades & enhancement.

Working as a conduit assists in lifting the body, mind & spirit to the highest frequency potential. Releasing energy blocks, limitations, resolve & release deep core issues caused by negative inner programming by connecting with our higher self (through micro-orbiting).

A few benefits below:-

  • Removes unresolved issues sitting in our energy field. Biofields are arranged by our emotions, including surface & soul emotion. Soul emotions are with us for lifetimes & relate to our survival. Due to their painful nature & difficulty to transmute they are carried through lifetime after lifetime. These stuck emotional patterns due to avoidance of re-experience… the emotions cause deep trauma which keeps the energy in place e.g. repression, anger, grief etc. Once these are fielded they can be released using quantum frequencies through kinesiology.
  • Potential of coming back into full health, once worked through layers. Human beings have energy, psychic abilities, creativity, mental genius & physical prowess. We limit this by the way we handle our emotions, creating incoherent energy patterns that block & distort our natural behaviour. This can be released.

How Can Frequency Work Help?

” If you could eliminate certain outside frequencies that entered with our bodies, we would have greater resistance toward disease. ” Tesla
  • Quantum physicists have discovered the intangible laws of electro-magnetism which will change the way we practice conventional western medicine in the future. Meanwhile, many are already using this invisible energy for diagnosis & correction e.g. kinesiology, acupuncture & more.
  • Our bodies are made of energetic atoms, including our tissues, cells, organs, emotions, thought patterns & water. In short, all things that produce, emit & receive energy all have their own unique electro magnetic fields. This includes allergens, viruses, bacteria & fungi. This is why through these methods we can detect, reduce & correct the imbalances that reside in our bodies & minds.
  • By reading the electrical energies & frequencies via their particular electro magnetic fields through feedback information, we can use certain frequencies to prevent the development of further disease &/or eradicate present issue. This can be done because  healthy tissue responds predictiably & traumatised, inflamed, degenerative tissue produces abnormal readings (every disease has a frequency).
  • Many have used the method, including Dr Rife, Tesla & Bruce Traino, some using electromyography (muscle tension) & neuro feedback (brain wave activity) & other methods through biofeedback machines***.

However… This can now be done through Quantum Kinesiology.


Peace, Joy & Contentment is our divine birthright & transmitting these frequencies upgrade the energy body for ascension.


***Biofeedback machines were successful with 86.5% cured of cancer & the remaining patients where further tested & under went additional treatment; they too were cured. This meant, an astounding 100% of patients in the program where cured from cancer. Dr Rife, similar to Nikola Tesla’s fate, had his research stolen & machine destroyed. The work influenced hundreds of researchers to study frequencies in relation to disease.  Bruce Tainio (1992) built another frequency monitor & discovered the healthy body MHz frequency is between 62 to 72, when this frequency drops our immune is compromised & disease develops. 

“Everything is made of items including animals, plants, water as are all things that produce, emit & receive energy”.  Tesla
A Few Number Crunches for the Curious…….
  • Each toxic substance depolarises the cell & distorts the negative equilibrium that exists in the cellular level. This leads to physical, psychological, emotional & spiritual diseases.
  • The healthy human body is 62-78 MHZ, normal brain frequency range is 72-90MHZ, genius brain frequency is 80-82MHZ.
  • A diseased body starts at 58MHz, colds & flu start at 57-60MHz. We are receptive to Epstein Barr at 52MHz & to cancer at 42MHz.
  • Death begins at 25MHz.
  • Pollutants lower healthy body frequency, processed & canned foods tend to have a frequency of zero. Fresh produce has up to 15MHz, dried herbs are 12-22MHZ & fresh herbs are 20-27 MHZ.
Quantum Frequency work is part of your QK Distance Session (depending body read).




**Disclaimer : ALL sessions in total are NOT intended to replace medical, legal or professional help, & are to be used for entertainment purposes ONLY 🤍**