Distance Energy Work

CLARITY CENTRE QLD | Distance Energy Work


The healing vibration is not limited by space, time, distance or consciousness.

Subject can be asleep.

Distance work is powerful & more effective than in-person.



“Everything is energy & that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want & you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not a philosophy, this is physics.”  Albert Einstein



QK distance by-phone sessions balance your entire being. Your session can also be specific to health, joy, abundance &/or home/business clearings.

Preceding your QK Distance By-Phone Session, if you feel directed, please send me a short list of 5 things you would like to work on. Also, more importantly, add your top 3-5 desires (not wants/needs);

Just Prior Session:

  • Prepare yourself some water;
  • Make sure your phone is charged (prefer it off the charger during session, if possible), & have your headphones (optional). Please have your phone on silent ring tone with vibrate off through the session;
  • Find yourself a comfortable quiet space away from interruptions & prepare for your session with breath;
  • I will call you at session time on the number provided upon booking.
  • After your session, light transmissions are sent, please stay in rest afterward for 10-15 minutes.



QK distance by-rest/sleep sessions are great for:

  • pregnancy, unborn/newborn babies, children, young teens;
  • those who cannot physically attend, due to physicality, elderly, the weak, during surgery, illness, coma, auto-immune, severe illness, hospitalised, agoraphobia etc.
  • your pets, property clearings, business clearings;
  • those who don’t live in the local area, live interstate, overseas, time zone problem, phone issue or you have restricted access etc;
  • those who are local, able & yet prefer to relax/sleep at home for their session;

Preceding your QK distance by-sleep/rest session please send me a short list of 5 things you would like to work on. & your top 3-5 desires (not wants/needs); 

Just Prior Rest/Sleep:

  1. Drink a little water;
  2. Begin sleep for the night or find a comfortable quiet space away from interruptions to lay down & prepare for your session with breathe;
  3. Say…I, (birth cert. name) re-claim my free will now, now, now. I give permission for my higher self, higher realm guides to work on my behalf in rest/sleep to release all, & step into my highest timeline now. Thank you (x 3 times); &
  4. I will begin your session at our appointment time.


This is another form of distance energy work. Surrogacy means ‘a substitute’.

Surrogate work is done when one person stands in (physically) to do the healing for another. Simply, bringing the energy of the (physically) absent client into the surrogate.

This work is wonderful when working with unborn children, babies, coma patients or anyone who is unable to communicate their message. Also for working with clearing personal objects, cars, homes, property & business residences & on.


Distance & Surrogacy work is included in your Quantum Kinesiology session (upon request).



Healing vibration is not limited by space, time, distance or consciousness. Subject can be asleep. It is as powerful as if you were in my healing room on my table, usually, more effective than in-person.