QHHT & Hypnotherapy

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Hypnotherapy is a natural, safe & effective treatment.

In short…. Hypnotherapy creates rapid change at a cellular level & brings permanent therapeutic change.



Hypnotherapy is reliable, transformative & responsible for the profound & significant shifts in mental & physical health. Sonia is a highly qualified hypnotherapist that will help you quickly change your thoughts & transform your life. Clarity Centre are leaders in hypnotherapy for personal health & growth.


Includes: QHHT – Quantum Hypnotherapy Healing Technique (read more) 

… plus (if required):  Priority Goal Work, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, Regression, Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP, Time Line Work, Consciousness Transformation Technique CTT, Release Technique, Psychotherapy, Blueprint Therapy, Energy Boundaries.


Hypnotherapy solves a wide range of issues, releases blocks, fears & negative habits, whilst creating new beliefs & often brings a speedy path to a clear result. Also suitable for treating almost all emotional & physical issues  e.g. weight loss, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, pain, memory, confidence, motivation & so much more. Hypnotherapy is a highly researched, proven, & recognised science that integrates new skills, strategies & strengths. (read more)


Your QHHT / Hypnotherapy Session


A QHHT / Hypnotherapy session takes approx 3+ hours.

Hypnotherapy has no side effects & upon session completion you will usually feel alert, refreshed & relaxed. Clients can experience many remarkable changes, depending their goals, requirements & requests.

QHHT – Quantum Hypnotherapy healing Technique / Hypnotherapy Session (3 hours @$300 per session). 

Note: Bank Transfer also accepted, please add name to receipt & send by email prior session to confirm.