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Hypnotherapy is a natural, safe & effective treatment.

In short…. Hypnotherapy creates rapid change at a cellular level & brings permanent therapeutic change.



Hypnotherapy is reliable, transformative & responsible for the profound & significant shifts in mental & physical health. Sonia is a highly qualified hypnotherapist that will help you quickly change your thoughts & transform your life. Clarity Centre are leaders in hypnotherapy for personal health & growth.

Hypnotherapy solves a wide range of issues, releases blocks, fears & negative habits, whilst creating new beliefs & often brings a speedy path to a clear result. Also suitable for treating almost all emotional & physical issues  e.g. weight loss, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, pain, memory, confidence, motivation & so much more. Hypnotherapy is a highly researched, proven, & recognised science that integrates new skills, strategies & strengths. (read more)


Your QHHT Session


Includes: QHHT – Quantum Hypnotherapy Healing Technique (read more) 

… plus (if required):  Priority Goal Work, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, Regression, Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP, Time Line Work, Consciousness Transformation Technique CTT, Release Technique, Psychotherapy, Blueprint Therapy, Energy Boundaries.

A QHHT session takes up to approx 3 hours, your session will consist of two parts;

(a) an interview process where I get to know you & review your questions & health areas; &

(b) the actual hypnosis session.

Prepare a list of health issues & questions that you would like to discuss (up to 5) & email list to us prior your session, we will expand on this list, this helps us go deeper on the day. 

Each person’s experience will be totally unique. Your subconscious will show you exactly what you need to know at this time in your life. Enjoy the experience & all details will be taken care of. After your QHHT session you will be fully alert but deeply relaxed & may find yourself in a semi to very blissful state. 

Please Note:

  • Please refrain from caffeine on the day of your session, & eat lightly 2 hours prior session, if possible;
  • Please bring something to eat, for directly after the session. So that it will ground you (bring a snack); &
  • Please schedule the rest of your day so that after the session you won’t have activities that will require a lot of concentration or physical hard work. Please don’t schedule to fly out right after the session, we may run late. 




QHHT – Quantum Hypnotherapy Healing Technique Session – @ $300


Bank Transfer  accepted. [Please add your name to the receipt & send receipt to us by email

Please fill in Booking Chart



Quick QHHT Tips …


  • Please wear comfortable, light, loose-fitting clothes that won’t constrict your circulation or over-heat you while you’re lying under a blanket, socks are recommended (in winter).
  • Please limit caffeine, drugs & alcohol (including relaxant pills) prior to your booking date. Best to have something light to eat 1 hour prior to our session, as QHHT can go for a while. Please pack a snack for after the session also, this will help to ground you. Schedule the rest of your day so that after the session you won’t have activities that will require a lot of concentration or physical hard work.
  • Once you make the decision to have QHHT your subconscious begins to automatically flow to you thoughts & energy to prepare you for your session. You can help this process by saying to yourselfI have clear & direct communication with my subconscious.”
  • It can take some time to process everything that has happened during a session, as many meaningful things may happen in such a short period of time.
  • Pay attention to your dreams as your subconscious will find it easier to communicate with you through dreams.
  • Your session is a private session. Even though spouses/ partners/ friends/ children may want to be with you to witness the session, it is a space where you need to feel completely safe that your confidentiality in all matters is observed. Because of this, no one else is allowed in your session or will be permitted to stay.