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CTT (Conscious Transformation Technique) works with time line techniques & is a very effective technique for releasing blockages around emotional trauma, unwanted thoughts, emotions & behaviours.


Consciousness Transformation Technique – CTT,  helps you step more fully into your own empowerment by allowing you to regain emotional control over your life.


  • CTT is used alongside, EFT (emotional freedom technique), NLP (neuro linguistic programming) & emotional release techniques.


  • CTT works at the unconscious level & releases the effects of past negative experiences & can change  “inappropriate” programming.


  • CTT removes limiting decisions, false limitations & can produce consistent & long-term transformations quickly & easily.


  • CTT time line techniques bring personal & professional success with more consistency & predictability. You will be able to generate empowering emotional states within yourself at will, eliminate any negative emotions, identify & change limiting beliefs.


  • CTT results can occur very quickly, rather than spend years rehashing your story about past trauma. This brings desired results in a very short amount of time by going to the heart of the problem.


  • CTT sifts through all the internal chatter and repressed memories, and rapidly zero’s in on the root cause.


  • CTT takes you on a guided tour….Close your eyes & visualise your time line. What direction does it point in front & behind you? Where are you located currently along your time line? Go back in time and see things from a new perspective to help you move forward today.

CTT work work is part of your Quantum Hypnotherapy session.