Chakra energy work involves balancing your chakra’s & aura to create manifestation & change.
This is all done in alignment with your highest potential, the strongest & most powerful pathway for you.

Chakra work starts from the bottom of your spine, running up through each of the Chakras. When our energy is out of balance one or more of the chakras may be out of tune or blocked energetically.

Chakra work involves releasing & transmuting blockages, attuning, aligning & balancing them.  This brings you back into your natural alignment & energy flow. We work with your entire Chakra system, the astral, minor,  & main 7 chakras, plus your auto response control mechanisms ACRM’s & cording etc.

Think of chakras as your own little personal orchestra. Chakras are the speakers, the aura is the music is coming out & your song broadcasts to the world. Chakras work best when in harmony,  if one has stuck energy or out of tune you will feel a little bit off. If you’ve been out of tune for some time, you may be used to that feeling & not realise that you’re out of alignment.

Chakras regulate energy flow in a loop from
Source –
through energy body –
– through physical body –
– back to Source

Things easily shift upon chakra balancing & clearing, a few examples may include:

  • Appropriate emotional responses to life events & better navigation around day-to-day occurrences;
  • Changes your momentum;
  • Start creating new energy events (different from usual old recurring events), breaking patterns;
  • Restores natural harmony, balance, physical body & organs;
  • Synchronistic events flow through new coherence. When you vibrate coherently everything around you will start healing you, as well as yourself;
  • Removes the pull & push cords to others, that you usually unconsciously (mostly unintentional), sometimes consciously develop;
  • Balance around the connection & disconnection mode;
  • New sense of sovereignty, self confidence & self sufficiency.;
  • Shifting patterns of loneliness, insecurity, desperation, seeker behaviour, over sharing, over vigilance, isolation, aloofness, needing too much space or not enough.
  • The list just keeps going, chakras in balance help you around money, relationships, health, love, sleep, trust, personal power, self-esteem, mood improvement, forgiveness, family relationships, enlightenment, discovering life purpose & vitality etc

When you are in harmony you have personal presence, your energy radiates out strongly, you have positive, or at worst, neutral emotional responses to life events & live in a flow of synchronicity. nb: We also work with upgrading chakras, by request, Core Star Work.


Chakra work is part of your Quantum Kinesiology session.