Crystal, Chakra & Meridian Work




Crystals have internal energy, specific molecular vibrations & each have their unique properties to emit signals that our bodies naturally respond to through healing, energising & alter atmosphere.

They align, circulate & support our energy fields whilst integrating our growth. Crystals positively impact your individual chakras & release negativity.

Keeping on person &/or holding crystals energise, promote spiritual, mental & physical healing. They interact with your body’s energy fields (chakras) & bring connection.

Crystals pick up on your unique vibrational energy & amplify your positivity. They help hold your intentions, ground you & allow your rise in frequency to flow. Crystals carry unique powerful energy, they align & strengthen same energy within the individual, rather than give something you don’t already have.

Science is now recognising crystals through quantum physics, stating that atoms are more than particles & instead are vibrational. All is vibration. There are 4000+ naturally occurring crystals found on earth & new crystals discovered constantly.



Setting intention upon your crystal strengthens its purpose. (give your crystal a job). Then you can use this crystal to bring you back into balance & alignment when thrown out (vibrating at a lower frequency).


  1. Simply … breathe, hold crystal; &
  2. Say… “Dear Source, I co-create with you now, I am that I am. Thank you for allowing the light, allowing my highest now vibration of joy, peace, love & trust.  Thank you for clearing all unwanted, previous programming now.  I allow this crystal to hold the intention of my highest now timeline of (say 1-3 intentions), Thank you”.
  3. nb: If directed, simply place crystal on written affirmation/intention.



Cleanse your crystals often as they pick up on other’s energy. Crystals hold the energetic charge of anyone & anything they’ve ever come in contact with.

When you cleanse your crystals they are activated & vibrate to their highest potential.


  1. Clear them by either:
  2. Spraying or burning a sage or frankincense stick (purify);
  3. Place under the light of the sun or full moon; or
  4. Breathe, visualise divine white light energy projecting into your crystal, continue until you feel the old energy dissipate; or
  5. Place on a charged clear quartz crystal or selenite plate (clears & cleanses).



Pendulums aid us in our journey of connecting to our intuition, inner knowing & trust.

They promote stillness & reflection through questions for receiving awareness & understanding. They help us bridge to source, check our energy centres, locate energy blocks & on.

Higher wisdom guides us to our highest path. Pendulums are another way to connect into yourself, your energy, go into your guidance & unite yourself with you.

The masters are within you, your ego also & the pendulum helps you distinguish between the two. That inner wisdom will come to you, when still, in the smallest voice. The wisdom and the connection are within.


  1. Breathe;
  2. Hold pendulum in your dominant hand;
  3. Allow pendulum to swing freely
  4. When new, the pendulum needs programming. Simply say “Give me a Yes” see swing direction, make this your YES; then say “Give me a No” see swing direction, make this your NO; then
  5. Prior using your pendulum, ask your question in your mind, & allow the answer to be received, write your answer down;
  6. Check your answer with the pendulum;
  7. This allows you to become familiar with your 2 minds, the ego/lower astral fear voice/mind & your higher source mind/higher realm intuitive voice;
  8. Soon, the pendulum will not be required as you become a human pendulum; &
  9. At this time, you can keep it as a beautiful piece, or ask source to show you the face of the next person who would most benefit :- )



PEACH CALCITE – ‘Stone of Positivity & Joy’, for relationships, love, romance, passion & desire. Amplifies energy, boosts creativity & joy. Clears & activates all chakras. Increases flow of positive energy in the body, dispels negativity, inspires, motivates & brings productivity. Releases old patterns, behaviours, ways of thinking. Brings realisation that changes is good & in change, certain beliefs & practices will also no longer be relevant. Brings purpose into your life.

Peach Calcite @ $10 ea.  

Postage @ $8 ea 


ROSE QUARTZ – ‘Stone of Self-Love’, enhances self-worth, esteem, compassion & love in partner connections & friendships through acceptance & forgiveness. Releases insecurity, self-doubt, self-anger, tension & stress energy in the shoulder & neck area. Wonderful for use in babies rooms (out of babies reach). Hold – breathe out ‘old patterns’ – breathe in ‘love’ to release anxiety. Place under pillow for dream peace, extra pieces bedside bed & in home’s love corner to bring in love. A stone for everyone.

Rose Quartz @ $10 ea.  

Postage @ $8 ea 


APATITE – ‘Stone of Manifestation’, manifests ideal situations, goals, motivates, drives & brings you into personal power. Stimulates advanced psychic ability & purifies energy (Native Americans used). Inspires, enhances intuition, higher thinking & brings passion. Clears & grounds aura. Increases energy &  balances chakras. Releases limiting karmic patterns, is the consult stone of past life recall & akash. Releases confusion, negativity & brings unconscious creative problem solving whilst attracting desired life. Releases sorrow, anger, grief, pain, apathy, negativity, irritability, stress & fog. Eases communication, social ease, self expression & dissolves aloofness. Balances emotional exhaustion, burnout, aggression, extreme alternating states & hyperactivity. Helps children with autism through balancing over or under activity. Enhances immunity, calcium absorption, cell formation, digestion, liver, gall, eyes, bones, teeth. Eases arthritis, joints, growing pains. Releases vertigo, dizziness & headaches.

Apatite @ $30 ea.  

Postage @ $8 ea 



Crystals help balance & speed up your healing integration. This effects your energetic & physical bodies. They empower your healing process.

Crystals help release etheric, emotional, mental & spiritual blocks to well-being, they are comforting, supportive & give safety to release emotion.

Liquid Crystals

Geometric vibrational liquid remedies based on the earth’s metals, minerals & crystals. They call forth the same mineral frequencies that exist in the human body to create balance & healing.

We are made up of the same minerals & energetic geometric structures contained in the LQ’s. Through ingestion you integrate the crystal’s geometric structure. LQ’s embrace the concept of crystalline integrity, sacred geometry, alchemy, solar, luna & universal energy.

  • Effective & simple to take.
  • Taken in a similar way to flower essences. The difference being that flower essences are used to diffuse fear.
  • Liquid Crystals rebalance & align on a physical, mental, emotional & spiritual level.
  • They bring deep relaxation, stress reduction, gentle release of blocked memories, integration of emotional issues, promote harmony, balance & can help improve sleep patterns.
  • Gentle & safe to take with any other medication or remedies you’re currently taking. They can be taken as a home remedy to balance after your session.

Crystal Work is incorporated within your Quantum Kinesiology Session (depending body read).



Involves balancing your chakra’s & aura to create manifestation & change. This is all done in alignment with your highest potential, the strongest & most powerful pathway for you.

Chakra work starts from the bottom of your spine, running up through each of the Chakras. When our energy is out of balance one or more of the chakras may be out of tune or blocked energetically.

Chakra work involves releasing & transmuting blockages, attuning, aligning & balancing them.  This brings you back into your natural alignment & energy flow. We work with your entire Chakra system, the astral, minor,  & main 7 chakras, plus your auto response control mechanisms ACRM’s & cording etc.

Chakras work best when in harmony,  if one has stuck energy or out of tune you will feel a little bit off. If you’ve been out of tune for some time, you may be used to that feeling & not realise that you’re out of alignment.

Chakras regulate energy flow in a loop from
Source –
through energy body –
– through physical body –
– back to Source

Things easily shift upon chakra balancing & clearing, a few examples may include:

  • Appropriate emotional responses to life events & better navigation around day-to-day occurrences;
  • Changes your momentum;
  • Start creating new energy events (different from usual old recurring events), breaking patterns;
  • Restores natural harmony, balance, physical body & organs;
  • Synchronistic events flow through new coherence. When you vibrate coherently everything around you will start healing you, as well as yourself;
  • Removes the pull & push cords to others, that you usually unconsciously (mostly unintentional), sometimes consciously develop;
  • Balance around the connection & disconnection mode;
  • Bring new sense of sovereignty, self-confidence & self-sufficiency;
  • Shift patterns of loneliness, insecurity, desperation, seeker behaviour, over-sharing, over-vigilance, isolation, aloofness, needing too much/not enough space; &
  • The list just keeps going… balances chakras around abundance, relationships, health, love, sleep, trust, personal power, self-esteem, mood improvement, forgiveness, family relationships, enlightenment, discovering life purpose & vitality.

When you are in harmony you have personal presence, your energy radiates out strongly & positively. At worse, neutral emotional responses to life events & live in a flow of synchronicity.

Chakra work is part of your Quantum Kinesiology session (depending your body read).



Modern science is now proving what healers for thousands of years ago have always known, that meridian energy pathways are vital to your health.

The meridians in your body are energy pathways through which chi (qi) & blood flows continuously. When the chi flowing through these pathways gets blocked it can have consequences for your mind & body.


  • All living things are vibratory beings, each constantly sending out unique signals that generate an energy field. Your body grows out of this energy & if your fields are not optimal, blocked or distorted, this will manifest in your physical being.
  • The meridians in your body flow roughly along the natural lines of your arms & legs. Some flow up the body (yang) & the others flow down (yin). Some are more active during the night than the day.
  • One of the most interesting things about meridian healing is the inherent mind body connection. Negative emotions are what are create blockages & disrupt chi.
  • Negative emotions correspond to specific meridians, upon identifying the meridian to focus on e.g. If you feel overwhelmed or like you have stepped into flight/flight, you can release the blockage e.g. triple warmer meridian.
  • When chi is blocked you notice the vitality diminishes, organs aren’t performing at their peak. Blocked meridians are found, then run or flushed using many methods, depending body requirement e.g. tuning forks, chi balance, 5 elements balance, emotional stress release, frequencies etc.
  • Feel the vibrational changes in your body as the changes occur at a cellular level. Result, your Meridians flow back into their natural aligned energy flow.
  •  Meridian healing is something you can do & see results immediately. Meridians support radiant health by facilitating the flow of energy throughout your body.

Meridian work is part of your Quantum Kinesiology session (depending your body read).



The clearing, removing & cutting of various energetic & ancestral distortions that are related to negativity & cord that drain huge amounts of energy as a means of control.

The clearing & removing of energetic distortions that create drama, discordance, chaos, anger & other negative energies. A huge energetic cleanse that dramatically shifts your energetic body, physical body & your daily life.

Core Star Work simplifies the meridian & chakra systems, it gathers & merges energies of each chakra one at a time into your core star which is located above your solar plexus.

A modality used once moved past first few main life lessons, will be QK tested. Please keep in mind that spiritual readiness is required to merge. As working on your path of self-actualisation is what the soul wants, upgrading DNA is also required & this modality can also be known as an Avatar Activation.

Without chakra restrictions, you no longer experience energy drain from environment & others. It brings direct access to your higher self & source energies. An important step in your spiritual evolution.

Your core star work is within the Quantum Kinesiology session (depending body read).