EFT & Release Technique

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EFT  (emotional freedom technique) is a simple technique that is successful in a huge range of emotional, physical & performance issues. It provides rapid relief & it often works where nothing else does. EFT mixed with ER (emotion release) is also very powerful for my clients to use at home. (see below).



The EFT & ER mix method: 

EFT & ER mix is a very powerful home method of removing emotional charge. In your Quantum Kinesiology or Hypnotherapy session it may come up as this being your best personal method (homework) for the moment for release.


  • During your day, ALWAYS note any random thought that comes into your mind that brings an emotional charge or a change in peace status. (nb: also note the fleeting thoughts, usually suppressed & the most important).


  • Please be prepared to write this thought down immediately, as it will go out of your mind within 3-5 seconds.


  • When you have absolute freedom, space & time for self, please sit down & think on the first thought on your list, allow it to surface.


  • Allow the clarity to come into your mind of the The Word that sums up The Feeling. It can be a colour, or just a feeling, eventually a word will come.  The first word may just be to begin the process & you may go through a few words until you hit the main word, that brings greatest emotional charge. You will know when it hits.


  • Allow the tears to flow & tap the tops of your arms (just below shoulder area), whilst you feel the suppressed emotion come to surface, there will be a lot, allow it to flow. It is safe to allow the emotion to pass, keep tapping. This releases years/lifetimes of energy & emotion around this specific issue, including ancestral energy.


  • Then when you feel the fullness of the charge, imagine a little square house with a door, be inside. Allow the door to open in your mind (or kick it open :- ).


  • Take deep solar plexus breath through the nose & breathe it out the door, through the mouth with noise. Keep going, until its out of your body. Then allow the door to close.


  • Check your body for more of this specific thought/issue, find every particle, check the little square house you are standing in & if you find some… breathe it out again. Repeat until is absolutely gone, within you & the square house.


  • Then think on this former emotionally charged thought/issue. You will feel neutral, there will be absolutely no charge. This is job complete. It is permanent.


  • You have completed this thought/issue, tick it off & you are ready to start with the next one. This method is very empowering.  One a day is a great way to get through your suppressed emotions, there is no race, they have been there for a long time.


  • nb: If you would like to try the EFT & ER with me in clinic, please remind me prior session.


The Classic EFT method:

  • EFT (emotional freedom technique) is a meridian based energy therapy. It is based on the same principles as used in acupuncture & is a form of “psychological acupressure.”


  • EFT works on the principle that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.


  • EFT relieves symptoms by tapping on various body locations. This tapping balances energy meridians that become disrupted when we think about or experience an emotionally disturbing circumstance.


  • Once balanced, the upset is usually resolved, the memory stays but the emotional charge is gone. Most people start to relax almost immediately, and report that their traumatic experiences are less bothersome after an EFT treatment. Typically the result is lasting & is also accompanied by positive changes in thinking.


  • EFT has been successfully applied to treat a wide range of emotional problems & issues, including anxiety, fears, phobias, trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, grief, anger, guilt, etc. Also used to enhance performance & improve relationships by reducing the emotional upsets towards our partner.


  • EFT is easy to learn,  ideal for self-help & can be applied successfully to the general problems & stresses of living.  Highly recommended form of emotional release.


Note:  Whilst EFT achieves excellent results with many physical conditions the technique should not be seen as a substitute for appropriate medical care and should always be used in conjunction with medical consultation and intervention for such conditions.