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More about Quantum Kinesiology 


What if … every emotion you have ever experienced, every sensation felt, every memory made was all stored in your subconscious mind, & is accessible to you any time?

That these stored emotions carried their own unique energy that manifests in your body as illness, pain or blockages to success? That you inherit emotions from your ancestors, like energetic DNA; that they almost literally hand you their emotional baggage to carry around?

And what if ….. we told you that we all have the capacity to access the subconscious mind with some highly simple techniques that literally anybody can learn, with some focus & dedication to the practice?

Energy & Kinesiology Work uses muscle feedback as a stress monitor, to identify, communicate, connect & correct imbalance in the structural, chemical, mental, emotional & energy systems.

Energy & Kinesiology Work uses the natural biofeedback mechanisms through muscle monitoring to receive information via the nerve pathways & meridians of the brain & body, known as our subconscious.

Our subconscious holds our memories, beliefs & information about our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual being. Knowledge & correction of these blocks & imbalances reactivates the body’s natural inbuilt healing process. Energy work recognises the body, mind, spirit & integrates oriental medicine & modern science.

Energy & Kinesiology work can be applied to any area or situation in life that you desire change or improvement, some examples:

  • Access information about your wellbeing;
  • Show how your central nervous system is responding to life challenges;
  • Receive your mind-body feedback & integration;
  • Bring about balance of the mind, body & emotion in both adults & children;
  • Create long-term changes consistent with your values;
  • Bring awareness to subconscious reactions to stress;
  • Balances & re-organises belief systems;
  • Enhances learning abilities;
  • Eliminates emotional, physical and mental stress;
  • Assists with decision-making;
  • Overcoming past trauma;
  • Identify and locate energy blockages, stresses and imbalances;
  • Identifying nutritional excess or deficiency;
  • Releasing fears and phobias;

It does not:

  • treat or diagnose any medical conditions;
  • treat named diseases or
  • prescribe;

After a session it is common to experience physical, emotional & mental changes, as during this time things are shifting energetically. Some examples :

  • Heightened sensitivity & sensations in the body which include feelings of expansiveness, lightness & relief or conversely constriction;
  • Fluctuations in energy levels may be more extreme, requiring increased time for rest, recuperation & sleep;
  • Emotional eruptions such as relief, release (tears) or extreme joy;
  • Increased dream activity that is vivid or changes in sleep patterns;
  • Increased activity in bodily functions;
  • Changes in the way your body feels, walking & sitting.

These reactions may be transient, lasting only a few hours or days. After they subside, you may experience a renewed sense of balance, energy and health.



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