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Pellowah is a simple, powerful & effective energy healing. It unblocks & realigns all meridians & chakras within the body. It connects all twelve strands of DNA.

In short… it produces a radical shift in consciousness, affects the root cause & brings positive lasting change.


  • Pellowah works on the mind, spirit, physical. It expands your awareness, which enables you to make higher choices with more certainly. You automatically begin to take the necessary steps to fulfil your goals with more energy, enthusiasm & purpose.
  • Pellowah brings well-being & clarity into your every day life. It neutralises negative energy, increases personal power & merges the physical, spiritual & emotional bodies.
  • Pellowah is often a deeply relaxing experience for those who have busy minds & feel over-stimulated.  This type of treatment gives clarity & often a client will receive an answer to their question or find a path forward within a short time after the session.
  • Pellowah is a simple treatment.  Many treatment modalities produce results that seem to last 2 days to a week & slowly fade. Pellowah leaves you with a feeling of inner strength & well-being that lasts. In fact, it gets stronger as time goes by. The growth & expansion brought about by Pellowah helps a person to build on & expand their old frameworks without trauma; they have a new perspective & therefore make better choices…. (read more)


Your Distance Pellowah


A Pellowah Distance Treatment takes 1 hour.

DURING Session – Distance Pellowah is as powerful as if you were in my healing room on my table.  Distance Pellowah can be more effective than in-person. Healing vibration is not limited by distance. Prior session please grab yourself a large glass of water. Also switch off mobile/home phone, TV, radio & any other device. Please remove yourself from noise & lie down in a relaxed position, preferably on your back, on your own (during healing) & ready for your nights sleep. 

AFTER Session – please drink a lot of water. You can rest & relax for as long as you like, including sleeping for the rest of the night.  Most clients say they had the best sleep of their life, the rare few have no sleep at all, either response is only a by-product & neither is necessary for your healing. No matter your feelings, responses or lack of, this healing has & will continue to occur.

Please Note: Pellowah is 100% pure & not filtered through the practitioner. It is direct energy between the person receiving the healing & source. To ensure your treatment remains as your own experience, it is best that external input, interpretation, diagnosis or feedback is not entered into directly after your healing. 





Adult Pellowah Session @ $100 per session (60 mins)


Child Pellowah Session (distance only) @ $50 (30 mins)


Attunement Pellowah Session (studio only) @ $60 ea (30 mins – Level 3 Pellowah Students only)


Bank Transfer  also accepted [Please add your name to the receipt & send receipt to us by email