Light transmissions raise your frequency & with help clear stuck energy, raise vibration, all within the matrix coding. Combined with QK System for vessels taking part.

Using sound, symbols to help the collective release for all. Environment will be protected, sacred space & energy sent for the highest alignment in their highest now.

No matter if you are asleep, working, forgotten, the energy will reach you no matter the time zone you reside or activity you are in. Energy knows no temporal boundaries!

Simply, you only need a quiet space, breath & intention.




What are Light Transmissions?

Light Transmissions (LT) are high vibrational light frequencies.

In summary…they restore & align you to your original blueprint, source self.

There are numerous frequencies & many more have arrived in full strength since the equinox’s & on.

Light transmissions are a catalyst for deep change & harmony, upon resonance & integration.


  • We can now drop our karma, ascend & the light frequencies are here to make this transition readily obtainable & comfortable;
  • They reverse interference to your template, blueprint, vibration, removing negativity & thoughtforms that keeps you at a low vibration & allow the consciousness to expand its awareness;
  • They are from high frequency bands, some higher than others, they can be ancient, they can be new, all is dependant on soul receiving.
  • They transform, transmute, align & expand energy fields, the matrix, quantum codes & lift you into source fields.
  • Light frequencies come through in exactly the way each requires for upgrading, restoring & work in cooperation with your higher self.
  • Humanity is slowly moving out of the old energy ways of left-brain mindset, the focus of intellectual mind/body development. Instead, move into the new energy of empowerment, using the ways of the right-brain consciousness & heart space.
  • When fast high vibrational energy is released into our energy fields, anything that isn’t a match will rise to the surface to be released. Having an adequate amount of Quantum Kinesiology prior a light frequency download is a comfortable way to release interference.


Light Transmissions are included in your Quantum Kinesiology session (body reading depending).



Quantum Frequency
Using Quantum frequencies & kinesiology to align the physical, remove interference & follow with DNA upgrade & enhancement.


Quantum Kinesiology provides us with in-depth knowledge about our body & enables involuntary responses to be measured. Upon finding the imbalance & stress, we can reduce, correct & remove them with highest quantum frequencies & sound therapy.

Working as a conduit assists in lifting the body, mind & spirit to the highest frequency potential. We can release energy blocks, limitations, resolve & release deep core issues caused by negative inner programming by connecting with our higher self (through orbiting).

A few benefits of Quantum Kinesiology below:-

  • Removes unresolved issues sitting in our energy field. Our biofields are arranged by our emotions, this includes surface & soul emotion. Soul emotions relate to our survival, they are pandora’s boxes & difficult to transmute, usually carried through lifetimes. As we avoid re-experience of these patterns, the emotion is held in place & becomes stuck, causing deep trauma e.g. repression, anger, grief etc. These layers can easily be fielded & released using quantum frequencies & kinesiology.
  • Human beings limit their energy, psychic abilities, creativity, mental genius & physical prowess when they stay stuck, blocked & distorted within traumatic emotion blocking their natural behaviour, causing incoherent energy patterns.

How Can Frequency Work Help?

” If you could eliminate certain outside frequencies that entered with our bodies, we would have greater resistance toward disease. ”
  • Quantum physicists have discovered the intangible laws of electro-magnetism which will change the way we practice conventional western medicine in the future. Meanwhile, many are already using this invisible energy for diagnosis & correction e.g. kinesiology, acupuncture & more.
  • Our bodies are made of energetic atoms, including our tissues, cells, organs, emotions, thought patterns & water. In short, all things that produce, emit & receive energy all have their own unique electro magnetic fields. This includes allergens, viruses, bacteria & fungi. This is why through these methods we can detect, reduce & correct the imbalances that reside in our bodies & minds.
  • By reading the electrical energies & frequencies via their particular electro magnetic fields through feedback information, we can use certain frequencies to prevent the development of further disease &/or eradicate present issue. This can be done because  healthy tissue responds predictiably & traumatised, inflamed, degenerative tissue produces abnormal readings (every disease has a frequency).
  • Many have used the method, including Dr Rife, Tesla & Bruce Traino, some using electromyography (muscle tension) & neuro feedback (brain wave activity) & other methods through biofeedback machines***.

However… This can now be done through Quantum Kinesiology.

  • Peace, Joy & Love is our divine birthright & transmitting these frequencies upgrade the energy body for ascension.


***Biofeedback machines were successful with 86.5% cured of cancer & the remaining patients where further tested & under went additional treatment, they too were cured. This meant, an astounding 100% of patients in the program where cured from cancer. Dr Rife, similar to Nikola Tesla’s fate, had his research stolen & machine destroyed. The work influenced hundreds of researchers to study frequencies in relation to disease.  Bruce Tainio (1992) built another frequency monitor & discovered the healthy body MHz frequency is between 62 to 72, when this frequency drops our immune is compromised & disease develops. 

“Everything is made of items including animals, plants, water as are all things that produce, emit & receive energy”.
  • Each toxic substance depolarises the cell & distorts the negative equilibrium that exists in the cellular level.
  • This leads to physical, psychological, emotional & spiritual diseases. The healthy human body is 62-78 MHZ, normal brain frequency range is 72-90MHZ, genius brain frequency is 80-82MHZ.
  • A diseased body starts at 58MHz, colds & flu start at 57-60MHz. We are receptive to Epstein Barr at 52MHz & to cancer at 42MHz. Death begins at 25MHz.
  • Pollutants lower healthy body frequency, processed & canned foods tend to have a frequency of zero. Fresh produce has up to 15MHz, dried herbs are 12-22MHZ & fresh herbs are 20-27 MHZ.
Frequency work is part of your Quantum Kinesiology session.



Ketheric Energy can be used for the treatment of any condition or issue.

Once the Ketheric energy is downloaded, Source energy opens up.  This fast energy brings speedy results & rapid transformations.

We are source energy, born from light into different densities. At each level & reality, we have access to different gifts/aspects.

We are currently moving into creator ability, manifesting at will, refining, releasing density, revealing inner self & our true being of light.

We are living in the time of empowerment, restoration, light & elevation. In summary, Ketheric work restores & dissolves all by returning it to the light.



  • Renews, updates, aligns & connects with all your galactic systems across dimensional fields;
  • Increases your ability to hold light;
  • Your inner light, becomes outer light, & radiance magnified;
  • Source/creator/god transmits light into the Ketheric field & creates inner & outer balance;
  • Draws Source energy quickly to recalibrate geometries, templates & regenerates/renews your physical body;



The Causal Body has limitless potential & serves your highest level of expansion, growth & light.

Growth experiences leave energetic markers within the Causal body. Over time, through action, experience, density, it distorts, changes energy & misaligns the causal from its original design as a vehicle of the source of light.

The Ketheric template through source energy renews, restores, changes & re-aligns. Your ‘Source’ link always remains intact & can re-establish easily through a simple Ketheric Energy download, which acts as your bridge between source & receiver.

Causal body alignment allows new currents to flow into the body to awaken sleep cells, regenerate, modify genome & hence transform. Also erases, resets & restores your cellular structure. All misaligned patterns are removed, template returns to its original state.


Ketheric Energy included in your Quantum Kinesiology session (body reading depending).



All can receive Gateway Transmissions through QK session.

They transform & update existing codes, cellular structure, thought forms & body scripts.

They bring health, peace, wellbeing & the photonics light absorbtion we require to repair & redirect misaligned thought patterns, habits, & negativity.


It is the Divine highest intention for all souls to receive the Gateway Transmissions.


Gateway transmissions are spiritual building blocks that raise you out of all timelines of density & back into the light. Dissolve old ways, paradigms & make way for the Law of Love, foundation of all existence.

They release stuck energy & 3D reactionary behaviour which lowers our consciousness e.g. judgement, conflict, habit, old beliefs, tenacity & fear reactions that create repetitive negativity.

They are here for those who are ready to step into your highest now timeline.

Upon allowing the Gateway you will be moved into higher levels of consciousness.


The Gateway grid, when used, opens portals & downloads frequencies & attunements we require. This changes the essence of our being & aligns our life purpose.

They’re pulled from beyond earth’s energy matrix & transmitted by divine beings to relieve our aura & transmute inner darkness into light with ease.

They expand & release us into our highest, fastest vibration with oneness. Gateway Transmissions work with all systems & modalities.

When we introduce a faster & higher energy vibration into our field, anything that isn’t a match will rise to the surface to be released.


Releasing interference patterns through QK session preparation prior your Gateway download is best. This brings comfort to the process & avoids quantum headaches or landing in bed to sleep off & integrate session.

The Gateway System brings the new galactic DNA that expands consciousness & restores the energy matrix to original blueprint (& additional code). It is a multidimensional upgrade & an inevitable shift to the new reality.

Gateways are divine frequencies that reset, re-awaken, activate & upgrade DNA framework & templates.


Gateways allow more light into your cells, replace programs, create structural change (geometrical templates) & upgrade frequency through light imprinting.

Gateways balance 3D desires of not feeling good enough, judging self, wanting recognition, acceptance, striving to conform, have excess material things, concern of others gossip & acknowledgment, belief in struggle & on… all will diminish.

Gateways establish our crystalline, diamond & solar light matrix & allow our energy to flow quickly. They bring new frequency fields to release our focus on mundane survival aspects, free time, release struggle, limitation & lack paradigm.

They expand consciousness, reverse downgraded genetic modifications, rewire brain, change thought, habit & align to divine harmony. All stagnant energy calls for this transmission to realign & dissolve dross.

Gateways allow connectivity, they evolve, release simplistic consciousness, awaken potential & set you upon a new course entirely.

The Gateway energy works through quantum entanglement.


In summary, each cell has a parallel cell . GT energy is fed into the parallel cell creating a vacuum that pulls all negativity out of original cell. This allows new codes within the cell (vibration upgrade).

All aligned to receive the upgrades will be guided to find their way to the necessary attunements. There’s no race, competition, it follows a natural order.

Instantaneous transmutations shall occur for some, others will choose the longer path, each according to their souls inclination, some will spontaneously shift into the new consciousness. Simply having a headstart will allow more divine ease & flow into the change.

Gateways bring back full functioning through programs of light.


Molecular changes within cell matrix renew, repair & regenerate. This fast frequency range brings synchronicity, abundance & wellbeing.

Abundance is our birthright, prosperity is the norm for multidimensional living, all manifests for our good spontaneously, hearts desires are fulfilled easily without strife.

Great things are possible in the alignment with source.


To access this energy matrix we first need to shift our matrix to a new resonance & become an energy match. This requires light frequencies (new code introduction). When in harmony with the lifestream, intentions manifest easily & quickly as there is co-creation & flow (no resistance).

New System – Align to clear your energy fields. Purposeful aligning through adding light codes to our energy matrix is faster, & yields results quicker.

Old system – Clear in order to come into alignment with your Highest Light. Clearing heavy dense energy (dross) first pulls us down, lowers our vibration, enmeshes us in energy density, like quicksand & difficult to extricate from. Why, our focused attention is on the problem, rather than the solution!

GT activations are an ongoing process & a number of treatments are required to complete the work, however, even one treatment will create great change & for some will be enough.


More About Gateway….

Many are working diligently to role out these systems as part of the DNA reverse program, designed to dissolve & balance negative programs & genetic modifications & returning to our state of empowerment.

Multidimensional light frequencies & source plasma will be collectively transmitted to anyone who chooses to receive them.

Light Frequencies continue to create powerful change for us all.  Gateway energy is unique as it caters for everyone, regardless of their level of spiritual growth. Designed to firstly establish the Light Matrix of the Crystalline, Diamond & ultimately the Solar.

The codes of slower density need to be erased, and replaced with those of a faster vibration, which will contribute to the rewriting of our DNA. This will move us ever closer to our Higher Self expression, as we lift our vibrations higher and higher. This is in fact, automatically done by the Gateway Energy, due to intergalactic codons, which initially clear blocks in our energy matrix, then set about repairing, renewing & upgrading our DNA, giving it a much higher resonance with the Light.. It rewires our brains, & mental/consciousness interface.

It resists the lower denser frequencies that are being broadcasted all around us. The shift in vibration that it brings, will expand our consciousness threshold, in effect leaving behind the dark dense vibrations. Indeed this is what happens when we align ourselves with the new energy genetic matrix. We move out of the old worn out matrix and its redundant programming, and into the NEW energy!

Why not try this transformational energy out for yourself,  this allows you to be a transferer of the light energy. helping humanity to shift out of the heavy density and into the higher octaves of light. When this energy reaches a critical mass point, the consciousness of all will be transformed even the ‘Service to Self’ groups! This will spell the end to the control systems of this world, why not join the frequency.

It is important to keep our vibrations as high as we can! Why not become actively involved in upgrading to a higher light matrix. Allow more expanded consciousness, keep your vibration high, gently step into your light body expression, as each person elevates…… this assists the whole of humanity.


Gateway Transmission Systems are part of your Quantum Kinesiology session (depending body read).



Pellowah is a simple, powerful & effective energy treatment.

Many treatment modalities produce results that seem to last 2 days to a week & slowly fade. Pellowah leaves you with a feeling of inner strength & well-being that lasts. In fact, it gets stronger as time goes by.

In Short…. Pellowah produces a radical shift in consciousness, unblocks & realigns all meridians & chakras within the body, connects all 12 strands of DNA, affects the root cause & brings positive lasting change.

The growth & expansion brought about by Pellowah helps a person to build on & expand their old frameworks without trauma; they have a new perspective & therefore make better choices.

  • Pellowah is an expansive treatment. It gives people a feeling of being less attached, more empowered, along with a greater sense of inner confidence & strength. There is a feeling of renewed flow, centredness, peace & a realisation that all things are possible.
  • Pellowah results are astounding & different for all. To name a few …  clarity, inner peace, calm, inner strength, confidence, intuition, empowerment, increases personal capacity for positive change, enables clear guidance, gives a sense of well-being that increases over time, new & expanded perception & objectiveness, overcomes blocks of fear, self-doubt, anxiety & depression & more …
  • Pellowah is a distance modality, healing vibration is not limited by distance.
  • Pellowah is particularly effective on deep emotional issues, which may be a contributing cause of physical ailments.  Many who have suffered anxiety & depression for as long as they recall, & who had no sense of direction or purpose in their lives, are now living their lives much more fully, & are feeling totally inspired.
  • Pellowah is between the client & source only. There are no clogged pipes due to interruption of the thought, analysis & conscious problem solving, therefore no resistance. Pellowah is a fast track healing to parts & pieces that require balance at that time. The vibration of wellbeing can come through instantly. The trick to wellness is focussing on how we want to be rather than on where we are or how we are. Instead we can allow what is right rather than heal that is wrong. We can allow the wellness rather than get rid of the illness.
  • Pellowah is truly restful, clients will very often feel relaxed or fall asleep during their distance session. All have a unique experience, you may feel nothing or you may feel much. Either way the healing will be the same. You may feel heavy, dream vividly, limbs may move, feel tingling, energy flow, lightness, lights or colours appearing, floating sensation, rumbling stomach, muscle twitching etc.  None, some & all of these things are common. Regardless of what you physically feel, the Pellowah energy will be working. 
  • Pellowah works on a physical, mental & spiritual level.  Sometimes it may choose to work on your that other than your physical first, so Pellowah is not always physically felt. Pellowah is about the ultimate result of the session, not the sensations during, as enjoyable as they may be.
  • Pellowah connects all 12 strands of DNA, each strand of DNA stores a particular string of knowledge.  As we evolve, connect & activate these strands, we can access our hidden knowledge, this expands the way we act, see & interact. We then have access to everything within us, nothing is hidden, we have unlimited potential & our world changes.
  • Pellowah works on the mind, spirit, physical. It expands your awareness, which enables you to make higher choices with more certainly. You automatically begin to take the necessary steps to fulfil your goals with more energy, enthusiasm & purpose.
  • Pellowah brings well-being & clarity into your every day life. It neutralises negative energy, increases personal power & merges the physical, spiritual & emotional bodies.
  • Pellowah is direct energy between the person receiving the healing & source. It is not filtered through the practitioner & administered through distance.
  • Pellowah is often a deeply relaxing experience for those who have busy minds & feel over-stimulated.  This type of treatment gives clarity & often a client will receive an answer to their question or find a path forward within a short time after the session.
  • Pellowah attracts those when the timing is right. When they are going through change, making big choices, at a crossroads or uncertain as to how to move forward with their life. A client may come for this treatment again prior to their next crossroad. Many simply for their own spiritual development.
  • Pellowah is a very powerful healing modality, works beautifully with everyone. Wonderful for children of all ages, the elderly, the busy & those in hospital or in remote places. The permission of the person being healed must be given or healing will not transfer (children under 12 will need parent permission).
  • Pellowah works on the mind, spirit, physical. It expands your awareness, which enables you to make higher choices with more certainly. You automatically begin to take the necessary steps to fulfill your goals with more energy, enthusiasm & purpose.
  • Pellowah follow-up sessions is dependant on the client. Single treatments are very successful & profound. All sessions can be done via distance healing if you prefer. Most have such noticeable health response from the first session they feel they are done. However, I have witnessed the benefits of multiple sessions, as layers are healed. Healing does occur in stages. If you have a chronic illness, it is best 3-4 session times in succession preferably.
  • Pellowah brings well-being & clarity into your every day life. It neutralises negative energy, increases personal power & merges the physical, spiritual & emotional bodies.
  • Pellowah results are astounding & different for all. To name a few …  clarity, inner peace, calm, inner strength, confidence, intuition, empowerment, increases personal capacity for positive change, enables clear guidance, gives a sense of well-being that increases over time, new & expanded perception & objectiveness, overcomes blocks of fear, self-doubt, anxiety & depression & more …

Source plasma energy healing that unblocks & realigns meridians & chakras, connects all 12 strands of DNA & in short produces a radical shift in consciousness.


nb: Pellowah is 100% pure & not filtered through the practitioner. It is direct energy between the person receiving the healing & source. To ensure your treatment remains as your own experience, it is best that external input, interpretation, diagnosis or feedback is not entered into directly after your healing. 


More About Pellowah…….

  • Pellowah is a descriptive word (angelic) for “radical shift in consciousness”.
  • Pellowah connects all 12 strands of DNA ready for activation. It also unblocks and realigns all meridians within the body giving a feeling of connections and well-being. As the name suggests, it also results in a radical shift in consciousness.
  • In many other forms of healing, subsequent results of the change & growth can be cathartic as old frameworks are broken down to create new ones. This is not the case with Pellowah. The growth & change brought about by Pellowah help a person build on their old frameworks without the trauma. Through this form of healing the client becomes less involved in other people’s lives. They have a new perspective, therefore making better choices. Pellowah expands their consciousness, helping them to become more objective.
  • In any other forms of healing, positive feelings are produced that  generally last 2 days to a week. Pellowah provides a feeling of well-being the seems to last and in fact it will get stronger as time goes by. This is because the healing happens from the inside out.
  • Pellowah energy changes YOU & the “new you” becomes the normal. Pellowah activates you so you generate & create the light from within. There will be a constant source of replenishment which is not reliant on outside influence. 
  • Pellowah can be used in absent healing & can also be used to heal those who are overseas/interstate, hospital bound or in a wheelchair etc. Also wonderful for newborns, children, & pets.
  • Pellowah is simple powerful and effective -increasing the capacity for positive change in your life.
  • You may have found yourself at cross-roads or simply are searching for a better more fulfilling life.
  • Each treatment is a totally unique experience. The number of treatments required to complete the healing is between 1 – 4 depending on your individual needs. Your Pellowah treatment continues to work in your system for 24 hours at the same capacity therefore in order to obtain the best results it is advisable to rest up a little & drink water.
  • Pellowah is a form of healing that can be done more than once. The number of sessions will vary from client.


Pellowah included in your Quantum Kinesiology session (body reading depending).