Multidimensional Work

CLARITY CENTRE QLD | MULTIDIMENSIONAL WORK Am I a Starseed?… So many ask the question … Am I a Starseed? An  Earth Soul? A Mission Realmer? An Indigo? A Blue Ray? The list goes on & the confusion is high. I thought it was time to briefly address the multidimensional & other realms questions. If […]

Pellowah Workshop

CLARITY CENTRE QLD | PELLOWAH WORKSHOP   PELLOWAH TRAINING Have you been looking to get something more from your healing? Or perhaps you haven’t started healing yet, but know deep down you’re a natural healer. Pellowah is easy to learn, simple to use & can be used to great effect immediately after a course.   […]

Intuitive Therapy

CLARITY Centre QLD | Intuitive Therapy Intuitive Therapy helps you gain clarity. It gives you a sense of expansion & aligns your best path. It brings relief as you embrace a positive future through identifying your wants & the path to achieving them. Sonia Wright, Intuitive Therapist/Reader & Medical Intuitive since 1995. Born into a family of […]


PHOTOGRAPHY by Sonia | Welcome  Sonia is now full-time with Clarity Centre QLD, yet still shoots occasionally. Her previous Sydney/Brisbane photography studio GLOW, was known for its natural light photography & photo journalistic style. Beautiful soft dewy glowing images are the trademark. Created using prime lenses, wide apertures, strategic placement, time of day & available light. […]