CLARITY CENTRE QLD | Directional E-Cards   E-Cards are to help you feel into that which can be released, allowed, & known. Simple, quick, summarised key point e-cards that allow you to work through things at home, bring in clarity, current healing requirement. ¬†Great for in-between sessions. E-cards are for using alongside your E-books. Enjoy! […]

Quantum Work

CLARITY Centre QLD | What is Quantum Work?¬†   Quantum Kinesiology When general life & law of attraction is not working positively, we simply need to find & release interference & sabotage programs. Once we begin releasing our interference, we begin to rise out of programs & have a conscious choice of our path forward. […]

Reach Your Full Potential

CLARITY Centre | Reach Your Full Potential How do we reach our full potential, our highest path? Although we can all tune into our intuition & the answers are available to us all at all times, do we? Are we listening? Are we trusting? Are we connecting daily? Are we co-creating? A connection is your […]