Chakra & Meridian Work

CLARITY CENTRE QLD | CHAKRA & MERIDIAN WORK CHAKRA ENERGY WORK Chakra Energy Work involves balancing your chakra’s & aura to create manifestation & change. This is all done in alignment with your highest potential, the strongest & most powerful pathway for you. In Summary….Chakra work involves releasing, transmuting & aligning the energy centres for natural […]

Multidimensional Remembrance

CLARITY CENTRE QLD | MULTIDIMENSIONAL REMEMBRANCE So many ask the question … Why don’t I fit in? Am I a Starseed? An  Earth Soul? A Mission Realmer? An Indigo? A Blue Ray? Who am I? The list goes on & the confusion is high. So, I thought it was time to briefly address the multidimensional & […]

Quantum Hypnotherapy Works?

CLARITY CENTRE QLD | QUANTUM HYPNOTHERAPY   Quantum Hypnotherapy (QH) is a natural, safe & effective treatment. In short…. QH creates rapid change at a cellular level & brings permanent therapeutic change.   QH uses many styles being (depending body read): QH (Quantum Hypnotherapy Eriksonian); CTT (Consciousness Transformation Technique); QHHT (Quantum Hypnotherapy Healing Technique); EFT (Emotional Freedom […]