About Sonia




Sonia is an experienced channeller who delivers clear guidance for each individual soul.

Bringing your most relevant messages, conduited modalities & frequencies required, depending body read.

Experience a loving connection with your higher self, guides, multi-dimensional energy, & creator consciousness.




Sonia connects with the wisdom from your guides, higher self & soul requirements in your session.

The merge offers respite from the mundane belief systems, fears & interference into a clear, peaceful & joyful remembrance of what’s possible & all that can be achieved.

Every soul has a unique, varied, different mission, path & divine soul purpose. Your channelled intuitive session is read through your fields, including body, mind, emotional & etheric. Using many methods including:

……channelled intuitive therapy, quantum kinesiology & hypnotherapy, psych K, NLP, counselling, EFT, discernment of spiritual gifts, CTT, ketheric healing, energy work, light codes & transmissions, akash record reads, clairvoyance, clairaudience, & other intuitive modalities




Prior 2012, & especially now after the enormous shifts in consciousness, individuals are awakening in this spiritual quickening & are ready to align their physical body, soul, etheric, light-body, aura, biofields & the 3 minds (unconscious, subconscious & conscious).

Sessions allow you to feel, see, know the energy & further understand how to release into your highest timeline & be the best you that you can be, moment by moment.

You can ask any question you like. Please keep in mind that Sonia does not predict the future, rather releases you into your highest now timeline & then advises on highest probability. We can go into the energy of the future, however, predictions are no longer important as each person now has free will & choice to release & heal their future.

Private sessions are perfect for bringing clarity, peace, creating a conscious connection with Source whilst seeking personal information, answers, energy therapy & balance.





Sonia is a clear, authentic channel, one to be trusted. Her work is to bring all into their truth of connection, co-creation, knowing & peace of …..

‘I AM loved – I AM innocent – I AM magnificent’

Sonia was born into a family of intuitive’s & has spent her life studying, channelling, writing, recording hypnotic audios, teaching workshops & webinars, & practices leading-edge modalities & helps others to do so as well.

All private channelled therapy sessions are held either By-phone – By-rest – or By-sleep. Personal guided sessions allow for in-depth exploration of deep issues to be brought into alignment via conduit work, vibrational upgrades & frequencies.

You can be located anywhere in the world, & book a private channelled intuitive therapy session. Book Your Session below.



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Sonia |  Founder of CLARITY CENTRE QLD.

Quantum Kinesiology & Hypnotherapy, Sound Frequency & Energy Therapy, Counsellor, PsychK, Channeller, Medical Intuitive & Psychic, since 1995

Includes: NLP, PsychK, EFT, QHHT, Biofield Sound Work, Distance Energy Therapy (Gateway, Ketheric, Reiki, Pellowah), Clearings (Home, Business & Personal), DNA & Blueprint Work, Light Codes & Transmissions, Rife Frequencies, DNA & Blueprint Work.



Sonia is a global Channeller, Quantum Kinesiology  (QK), Hypnotherapy, Sound & Energy Therapist & is sort out by other healers for balance.

Sonia is ultimately a channeller who brings through clear guidance from creator consciousness, your higher self & conduits modalities required, depending body read.

She serves by creating a loving connection for the soul & their higher realm entourage. Bringing through the most relevant messages for each individual.

Your session is your chance to experience your connection to your guides, source, entourage, higher self, multi-dimensional energy, christ consciousness….call it as you like.



More about Sonia….

Sonia has taught workshops all over the world, hosted blog talk radio shows, lead international zoom classes, spoken on platforms, lead prayer with channellers, held seminars, run spiritual workshops, channelled on podiums, hosted channeling tours, worked with psychic surgeons, met & worked with many internationally known spiritual leaders. All to bring remembrance & clearing for thousands of people to connect to their knowing for wellbeing.

Many have gone on to living lives they only dreamt of before remembering their knowing & allowing source direction.  We all have a life that is waiting to blow us away, we are all blessed.

In worthiness & permission energy we can have a life of our dreams, different for every soul. Everything relates to connection & knowing. We are all wise beings & if we are willing to tap in, listen, trust & act, we can all step into our wellbeing. Connection to source is life-changing for me…& for you, too, if you desire!





**Disclaimer : ALL sessions in total are NOT intended to replace medical, legal or professional help, & are to be used for entertainment purposes ONLY 🤍**