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Quantum Kinesiology

When general life & law of attraction is not working positively, we simply need to find & release interference (the sabotage programmes).

  • On our journey, we experience powerful emotion, trauma, pain, tension (all interference) which results in dense energy & can fracture the soul. A fractured soul leaves parts behind that cannot move into the light. These soul fragments need re-integration, so we can again feel whole & operate from empowerment.
  • Due to the dense energy, karma, attachments, old processing, we hold a lower vibration & this brings an experience of yo-yo’ing, in & out of our knowing into high emotional charged experiences.
  • Once we begin releasing our interference, we begin to rise out of programmes & have conscious choice of our path forward. Allowing self forgiveness due to our understanding that we could not have acted differently whilst running sabotage programmes.
  • Once we drop our interference, fear of enlightenment & begin to surrender, trust & ascend. Allowing upgrades to our electrical fields, cellular structure, DNA codes & solidly bridge our connection to our higher self & source.
  • We can then bring alignment by downloading high frequency light codes into our energy matrix. Then upon being a vibrational match, all can activate within & shift us into elevated consciousness, heightened states of awareness & bring new paradigms.
  • We then reach an enlightened state of being & come into peace, joy, the wind at our back, no matter what is happening around us. This is perfectly achievable for all, not extraordinary but ordinary, its ours for the having, should we choose.
  • The good news is there is no need to have complete understanding or belief to begin this process.
This is all incorporated within your Quantum Kinesiology session.




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